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Happy Thanksgiving from the Park West Gallery Family

Dear Friends,

As we prepare for another Michigan autumn, and winter (if you’ve never experienced one, come and visit us!) our thoughts naturally turn to the upcoming holiday season and the realization that another year is nearly departed. This is a time when inevitably our thoughts are with those close to us, our families and with those things for which we are most grateful.

As Gallery Director (25 years now), it’s my pleasure to be the one to wish you all a peaceful and bountiful Thanksgiving holiday. We at Park West are so grateful for your business and support, for your many kind words expressed online, in letters and in person, and your appreciation for the art we bring to the world. We wouldn’t be here without all of you.

From the Park West family, we’d like to send a big Thank You and wish you a very happy, healthy and memorable holiday season.

Morris Shapiro,
Gallery Director

Cider Mill


Celebrity Cruise Lines and Park West Gallery Offer New Artist Enrichment Program

Excerpted from Celebrity Cruises Captain’s Club Newsletter, Fall 2008

Highlight the Artist series makes you part of the Art

Simon Bull puts on a show during Highlight the Artist cruise

Simon Bull puts on a show during an Highlight the Artist cruise

Thanks to a new Celebrity Cruises enrichment program – Highlight the Artist – guests will not just see the world, they’ll have the opportunity to explore the world of art. We’ve worked closely with long-time partner Park West, an auctioneer and private gallery that has changed the way over 1.2 million people interact with art, and have invited several of their more innovative artists, such as Simon Bull, David Willardson, and Fanch Ledan, to join us onboard select sailings and bring you inside their world. These artists will talk about their inspirations and how they interpret color, light, and texture, and showcase some of their most recent works.

Best of all, you’ll have the opportunity to watch as they put their talents on display in public venues, such as the main dining room, and ask questions as they work. Young or old, avid art collector or casual enthusiast, these enlightening events are certain to add an entirely new dimension to your appreciation of art. Highlight the Artist, is just one more way Park West and Celebrity Cruises are working to make art more accessible and more enjoyable for you.

Learn more about Celebrity – Park West Art Auctions


Dear Park West Gallery Newsletter Editors

The Park West Gallery Newsletter staff is so appreciative of all of the thoughtful words we receive from our readers. Here are just a few of the kind responses and we look forward to publishing even more in upcoming issues!


“Meeting all the artists at the 40th Anniversary Event in Detroit was so exciting.

Meeting, socializing and hearing each artist explain what motivates them to paint has given us the desire to collect additional art from artists we had previously not noticed. Our favorites have been the ones we naturally were drawn to at each showing, but now, we will enlarge our art collection with new artist.

Park West Gallery was such an exciting place to be and meet and greet with so many wonderful people who love art. We made new friends of other art lovers and artists. Thank you for this enriching experience.

A memorable moment for us was the night Albert and his wife sat at our table and gave us details of their work with the Girls Home. How wonderful they help with the blessings that God has provided with others in need.

We love the newsletter! It is great to be advised of up to date happenings with Park West Gallery.”

Charles & Dutchie W.
Sherwood, Arizona


“Thank you very much for the newsletter. We purchased 7 Rembrandt etchings on one of our cruises and a Tarkay painting. I am so happy with them and am ready to start looking again.

You have a great gallery and wonderful paintings. Jordon and his staff were outstanding. Looking forward to doing business with you again.”

Eldon & Jeanne B.
Blue Earth, Minnesota


Thank you for the newsletter. We have many pieces of art acquired from Park West Gallery via various cruise lines and our house is full of a variety of styles and images which totally intrigue our neighbors, friends and family.”

Gloria & Mike S.
Kelowna, B.C. Canada


I have bought at least a dozen Park West pieces for my home and office. Each one has a personal connection with an event or stage in my life.

For example, after returning from seeing Chagall’s painting atop the Paris Opera House, I bought the same theme in Le Dance. Right now, I am looking at Chagall’s lithograph of a female figure overlooking a Village. I got it at auction right after my mom passed and it reminds me of her presence and caring every day at work.”

Chas C.
Bethesda, Maryland


I just received your newsletter and couldn’t stop reading. We are great admirers of Park West Gallery’s people as well as the beautiful and unique art pieces you offer.

The greatest part of being part of the ‘Park West Family’ is meeting the artists, and if lucky, learning more about THEIR PASSION in their craft.

Thank you for the experiences we have been able to share.”

Kenn & Marie B.
Camas, Washington


Thank you for this great newsletter. My wife and I have purchased a few pieces of work from Park West and have never been disappointed.”

Larry N.
Chanute, Kansas


“Thank you for the newsletter. It is another way for those who bought artwork to keep informed and to continue to be educated by those who really know and understand the present world of art.

My wife and I continue to enjoy our artwork we have accumulated over the years, mostly from Park West.”

Kurt & Wilma P.
Denver, North Carolina


Park West Gallery Launches New Anatole Krasnyansky Website!

Park West Gallery continues its 40 year tradition of connecting people with artists and fine art by inviting you to visit our new web site for the artist,  Anatole Krasnyansky.

Anatole Krasnyansky, Park West Gallery

Park West Gallery’s new Anatole Krasnyansky website features an updated biography of the artist, an online gallery of Krasnyansky’s artwork, and YouTube videos of the artist discussing his inspirations and more.

Explore the New Anatole Krasnyansky Website:


Mickey and Minnie Mouse Turn 80!

© Collectors Editions. All Rights Reserved. © Disney.

© Collectors Editions. All Rights Reserved. © Disney.

Park West Gallery wishes Mickey and Minnie Mouse a happy 80th birthday! The octogenarian couple are special friends of Park West Gallery through a relationship with our Disney artists like David Willardson, James Coleman, Tim Rogerson and Harrison Ellenshaw. We’re not sure where Mickey and Minnie met, but we’re impressed with their staying power and that they’re still committed to one another.

Visit the Park West Gallery Disney Collection


Park West Supports Thrive Africa

Qwa Qwa, South AfricaThe Park West Foundation is partnering with the ministry team at Thrive Africa toward the goal of AIDS prevention in South Africa. Thrive Africa’s AIDS Prevention program, Leadership Summit, teaches students in public schools about abstinence, leadership development, and finding life-purpose through a relationship with God. The combination of these messages is helping young people live moral lives and make wise choices.

Niel and Alece van Rensburg

Niel and Alece van Rensburg are the founders and directors of Thrive Africa. As a white South African pioneering a ministry to the underprivileged in Africa, Niel’s life is a testimony to the life-changing power of God. In 1998, after attending Bible College at Waterberg Training Centre and serving as the youth pastor and missions director at Wellspring Ministries, Niel founded Thrive Africa. His passion has always been duplication leadership – training leaders who will train other leaders – maximizing the long-term impact and effectiveness of ministry. Believing that Godly leaders can change not only communities but entire nations, Niel has committed his life to empowering indigenous leaders in Africa and around the world.

Having been involved in missions since her early teen years, Alece’s heart beats for the lost. On her first trip to Africa at age 16, the Lord broke her heart for the people of Africa and gave her a passion to return long-term. In 1998, at 19 years of age, Alece obeyed the call of God and moved from New York to South Africa as a missionary. Living by faith, she helped Niel pioneer Thrive Africa from the ground up. Alece’s heart is burdened by the AIDS pandemic ravaging Africa, and she has given her life to turning that tide by raising up a new generation of Godly leaders who will change the destiny of the entire continent.

Niel and Alece were married in October 2000. Together they have forged ahead with Thrive Africa, their hearts beating with the vision God has given them to develop emerging leaders in Southern Africa. Currently, 70 Leadership Summit classes are taught biweekly in 7th, 8th, and 9th grade classes in 10 schools.

Thrive Africa is currently teaching:

  • Living On Purpose – Life is worth living because God created you for a purpose
  • Save Sex – The facts about AIDS and the importance of saving sex until marriage

Thrive Africa Kids

The classes are taught by coaches – Basotho young adults who are trained by the Thrive Africa team. These coaches have trained (and continue to train) teach, counsel, and mentor their students. Because the classes are taught peer-to-peer – by young adults who are from the same culture – the students’ hearts are more receptive to the challenging messages. Genuine relationships are built between students and coaches, providing the students with role models to turn to for advice and help. The curriculum, developed by the Thrive Africa team, is culturally-relevant and Biblically-based.

Park West Gallery CEO and founder, Albert Scaglione, and his wife Mitsie are providing financial contributions and payment for printing and shipping 15,000 copies of the 48-page full-color book Save Sex; 15,000 copies of the 128-page full-color book Living on Purpose; and 2,000 copies of the 20-page book Story Tellers.

These books are being used in the Leadership Summit youth ministry. Classes are two hours long and typically include practical games, interactive teaching, and small group discussion. Coaches also make themselves available before and after class to talk one-on-one with students.

To learn more about Thrive Africa, or to find out how you can help make a difference in the fight against AIDS in South Africa, visit Thrive Africa on the web at



A Memorable Park West VIP Cruise

Pessac Village by Fanch Ledan

“I wanted to share with you some feedback about our first Park West VIP cruise. We spent last week in the Caribbean with Ann Marie, Tim, Tom, Ryan, and Megan. They made us feel like we were on an “exclusive” trip even though we were amongst 3,000 other people on the ship. Everything was well organized yet balanced our time so that we could also enjoy the islands and the events that the cruise had to offer.

Our surprise artists were Fanch, David Najar, and Leslie Lew. What a treat to meet and spend time with them. As you can imagine, we have memories that will last a lifetime!

They all made what we expected to be an “artsy-fartsy” trip into a memorable experience. Each one added their own special touch to the trip. They provided the perfect environment to learn about the art, the artists, and gave us personal consultations. Because of them, we purchased a piece of art from each of the artists that we met, and we finally added a Marc Chagall to our collection.

Thank you for including us on this vacation. Please thank them for the wonderful experiences they created for us! Without them this would have been just another cruise.”

Steve and Matty G.



Thomas Kinkade’s Christmas Cottage

An uplifting story for the whole family, Thomas Kinkade’s Christmas Cottage is available November 11, 2008 — just in time for the holidays!

Thomas Kinkade's Christmas Cottage

The film, based on a true story, is a look at the inspiration behind artist Thomas Kinkade’s incredible career.

Eight-time Academy Award® nominee Peter O’Toole (Lawrence of Arabia, Becket, The Lion in Winter, Goodbye, Mr. Chips, The Ruling Class, The Stunt Man, My Favorite Year, Venus) stars with Academy Award® winner Marcia Gay Harden (Pollack, 2000) and Jared Padalecki (TV’s “Supernatural”) in Thomas Kinkade’s Christmas Cottage.

Returning home from college one Christmas, young artist Thomas Kinkade (Padalecki) is dismayed to learn that attempts to promote local tourism have failed and his mother (Gay Harden) is dangerously close to losing the family cottage to foreclosure. Inspired by his mentor, Glen (O’Toole), a famous artist who lives next door, Thom accepts a job painting a mural of his small, idyllic hometown. With Glen’s help, Thom not only discovers his calling as the “Painter of Light” but also helps the town rediscover the true spirit of Christmas in this nostalgic, humorous and heartwarming true story destined to become a holiday classic.

“I began my career creating art for an animated feature film, and it has been a life-long dream to tell some of the story of my own life — the story behind my art — through the medium of motion pictures. Now, the dream is coming true with Thomas Kinkade’s Christmas Cottage, which I hope will be the first in a number of inspirational movies to tell the story of my growing up,” says Thomas Kinkade. He continued, “To me it’s all about love. If you love family, home and holiday traditions, you’ll find it all in this movie.”

Title Copyright: © 2008 Lionsgate Films Inc. | All Rights Reserved | Rating: Rated PG | Format: Widescreen Feature | Running Time: 103 minutes

Christmas Tree Cottage by Thomas Kinkade

Visit the Official “Christmas Cottage” Movie Site for the latest movie information including a personal video greeting from Kinkade, movie trailer, photo gallery, cast information and more.

Visit the Park West Gallery – Thomas Kinkade website