Celebrity Cruise Lines and Park West Gallery Offer New Artist Enrichment Program

Excerpted from Celebrity Cruises Captain’s Club Newsletter, Fall 2008

Highlight the Artist series makes you part of the Art

Simon Bull puts on a show during Highlight the Artist cruise

Simon Bull puts on a show during an Highlight the Artist cruise

Thanks to a new Celebrity Cruises enrichment program – Highlight the Artist – guests will not just see the world, they’ll have the opportunity to explore the world of art. We’ve worked closely with long-time partner Park West, an auctioneer and private gallery that has changed the way over 1.2 million people interact with art, and have invited several of their more innovative artists, such as Simon Bull, David Willardson, and Fanch Ledan, to join us onboard select sailings and bring you inside their world. These artists will talk about their inspirations and how they interpret color, light, and texture, and showcase some of their most recent works.

Best of all, you’ll have the opportunity to watch as they put their talents on display in public venues, such as the main dining room, and ask questions as they work. Young or old, avid art collector or casual enthusiast, these enlightening events are certain to add an entirely new dimension to your appreciation of art. Highlight the Artist, is just one more way Park West and Celebrity Cruises are working to make art more accessible and more enjoyable for you.

Learn more about Celebrity – Park West Art Auctions



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