There Has Always Been Art and Music

Cello Solo by Charles Lee“Once, while listening to my mother play the violin, I dreamt of becoming a Musician, like her. Since I was young there has always been art and music in my home and in my life because my wife is also a painter and my daughter a cellist. Even today when I am painting I always listen to music and the rhythm and melody come through in the finished work.”  — Charles Lee

Korean born Charles Lee is a diverse multi-talented artist with a capability of creating many different types of art, from pencil drawn portraitures to tranquil painted landscapes and arresting abstracts.

Charles Lee incorporates a range of style, and should be well received by art collectors as it is very contemporary and pleasing to the eye. He works in two distinct styles, one which incorporates a naïve approach and the other which is more representational and romantic in tone.

His most recent compositions are paintings with a raised richly-textured finish, that utilize mixed media. They are a compelling combination of traditional and neoclassic …Read more

View selections from the Charles Lee collection available at Park West Gallery



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