Park West Gallery Launches Marcus Glenn Website

Marcus Glenn, Park West Gallery

PARK WEST GALLERY recently launched a microsite for Michigan-based artist Marcus Glenn. The site features information about the artist, a virtual gallery of his artwork, and video footage of Glenn showcasing his work and talking about his inspiration.

Glenn is known for creating figures that are animated and mannerist in approach; they often stretch and twist into impossible yet highly expressive positions. He developed a distinctive style of combining painting with sculpture to create a bas-relief effect. He calls this approach ‘Flat Life’ and has been cultivating it for more than a decade.

Art novices and aficionados alike appreciate Marcus Glenn’s artwork; his works have been acquired by collectors around the world and he has completed several high-profile commissions. To name a few, Glenn has created multiple artworks for Daimler Chrysler, painted a mural for renowned restaurateur Patrick Coleman, and created artwork for special pre-Super Bowl XL events held in Detroit.

“Marcus Glenn is an exciting, young artist and we enjoy bringing his artwork to collectors all over the world,” said Morris Shapiro, Park West’s Gallery Director of 26 years. “This new website dedicated to the Park West Gallery Marcus Glenn Collection will allow even more people to become familiar with his work, and it will also give previous collectors of his artwork more insight into the works they have acquired.”

Through this new site, Park West Gallery has made Marcus Glenn’s fine artwork viewable worldwide and continues its mission of bringing fine art to people everywhere. Park West has created websites for numerous Old Masters and contemporary artists, and continues to develop additional artist sites.

Visit the Marcus Glenn website at


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3 responses to “Park West Gallery Launches Marcus Glenn Website

  1. My Name is Charles Patrick Coffin I am an upencoming artist & have been doing portrait commisions for years how can I get in to a park west gallery.

  2. I saw Marcus’s art on a cruise. This is one of those few times where I wanted to buy everything I saw. His paintings are amazing and inspiring.

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