Yaacov Agam Unveils ‘The Heart of the Fountainhead’ in Taipei City

Yaacov Agam, The Heart of the Fountainhead, Taipei CityYaacov Agam’s The Heart of the Fountainhead sculpture in Taipei City. [via Flickr]

Yaacov Agam, The Heart of the Fountainhead, Taipei CityVisual Symphonies
By CATHERINE SHU • Taipei Times
Originally published May 27, 2010

Yaacov Agam, an artistic pioneer whose art weaves time, movement and color together, recently unveiled his latest work in Taipei

Yaacov Agam’s artwork plays with time and dimension. It constantly transforms and gleans inspiration from sources as diverse as religion and physics. The Israeli artist, who lives and works in Paris, is famed for his pioneering contributions to kinetic art.

One of his latest pieces, The Heart of the Fountainhead, was unveiled earlier this month in Taipei City. It encompasses the exterior of Shuiyuan Market near National Taiwan University, with rainbow-colored panels concealing air conditioners (which Agam refers to as “visual aggression”). The centerpiece is a giant mural facing Roosevelt Road that relies on audience participation to fully blossom. From the left of the artwork, viewers see a blue and white grid, with ovals, circles and triangles sparsely interspersed throughout. From the right is a geometric rainbow that spirals into a white center. When shoppers enter the market from an overhead walkway, with the artwork above them, they see a carefully balanced mixture of the two compositions slowly dissolve into nine large prisms…

Taipei Times: Can you tell me about the message behind The Heart of the Fountainhead?

Yaacov Agam: The artwork I call unity and diversity, because [on one side] you have this composition, it is only blue and white and then you have the other side, which is all color. The two are different, so you can call it the yin and yang. [The right side] is like the positive, with the revolving lines, the spiral and the color. It’s positive like the movement of life and then the other side is the opposite, with no color.

Traditionally, you have either the yin or the yang, but you don’t have something that combines the two meanings. It’s important that you have the two forces and that the forces give you something together. In life, in everything, we have positives and negatives, electrons, day and night, so when the two opposites meet in life, that is what creates the power. They do not destroy one another. Love is two things combining in harmony, so this is an expression of love and unity and true diversity… Click here to read the full article »

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World-renowned kinetic artist, Yaacov Agam, pioneered a new art form which stresses change and movement. Agam has been a member of the Park West Gallery family of artists for over 30 years.
Visit the Park West Gallery/Agam Collection »


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