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Victor Spahn, the Painter of Movement

French artist Victor Spahn has earned himself a designation as “the Painter of Movement” because of his extraordinary ability to seize ephemeral moments in his artwork. Browse through the Park West Gallery Fine Art Collection, and even the casual observer will notice the Impressionist quality of Victor Spahn’s technique and the emotion he’s able to convey with his brushstrokes.

The following video features a wonderful montage of Victor Spahn’s dynamic artwork and exclusive footage of the painter at work in his studio.

Artwork selections from the Victor Spahn collection are available for purchase through Park West Gallery and our cruise art auctions at sea. Visit the Park West Gallery Fine Art Collection to learn more.


Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse!

Happy 82nd birthday Mickey Mouse! On November 18, 1928, Mickey made his official debut in Steamboat Willie at a premier in New York. The short film was Walt Disney’s first sound-synchronized animated cartoon.

Click through the slideshow below to browse artwork from the Park West Gallery Collection starring Mickey Mouse.

(Scroll below the player for the full list of image titles and their artists.)

Mickey Mouse Artwork
1. “Mickey’s World” by Romero Britto
2. “Fantasia Mickey Mouse” by Walt Disney Studios
3. “Prince Mickey” by Disney Enterprises, Inc.
4. “Oh Nooooo!” by David Willardson*
5. “Mickey’s Dream” by Peter Ellenshaw*
6. “Think Big” by David Willardson*
7. “Fastest Draw Out West” by David Willardson*
8. “A-Ok” by David Willardson*
9. “Bashful Mickey” by David Willardson*
10. “Number 5” by David Willardson*
11. “Disney” by Romero Britto
12. “Roping Around” by Leslie Lew
*©Collectors Editions. All rights reserved. ©Disney.
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