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A Passion to Create

Park West Gallery artist Barbara Wood was featured in the Winter 2009 issue of Atlanta Style & Design magazine!

Atlanta Style & Design, Barbara Wood

A Passion to Create: Impressionist artist Barbara Wood finds inspiration in life


Her use of large canvasses, bold colors, serene settings and pleasant faces draws the visitor into the artist’s passionate love affair with paint.

It’s hard not to notice the presence of women in the artist’s paintings. Whether doing something as simple as brushing a child’s hair, playing checkers or watching a ballet, women play a dominant role in Barbara’s work, much the way they did in her life.

It was always my passion to create. I know a lot of my work comes from the two big catalysts in my life – my mother and my grandmother. But I don’t stop to intellectualize when I get an inspiration. I’d rather capture a fleeting glance or memory.”

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