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Park West Gallery Artist Sessions: The Collectors

Which artist(s) whose works you’ve collected would you most like to meet in person? Who have you already met that you’d like to see again?

It is a special joy and privilege for us to put our customers directly in touch with our artists, an experience historically reserved for only the wealthiest of art patrons and collectors — that is, until the founding of Park West Gallery. We thought we’d turn the tables and share a little insight into how our artists feel about our collectors. Watch:

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Visual Art Triumphs at London’s 2012 Summer Olympics

The 2012 Summer Olympics is just hours away as Friday’s opening ceremony draws near. Those lucky enough to be in the thick of London right now have most likely seen the array of sculptures, murals and performances peppering the city as part of this special event.

A London bus that has been transformed into a robotic sculpture by Czech artist David Cerny is assembled in front of the Czech Olympic headquarters in London. Credit: Marika Kochiashvili/REUTERS

This year, artists from across the globe have demonstrated their excitement for the impending games in peculiar, and elegant, manners. The most buzz has gone to Czech artist David Cerny for his “London Booster,” located in front of the Czech Olympic Headquarters. Fashioned out of an authentic 1957 London Routemaster (a double-decker red bus), the sculpture is quite unlike any other: the bus does hydraulic push-ups (“press-ups” to those across the pond). Balancing on two large, red arms, the moving sculpture is enhanced by a soundtrack of heavy breathing and noises reminiscent of physical exertion.

Art in the Park - RUN - Monica Bonvicini. Credit: AP

Further integrating arts into Olympic London’s public spaces, Art in the Park features Italian artist Monica Bonvicini‘s towering block letters, “Run.” Each mirrored steel letter stands nine meters tall, reflecting the sun during the day and glowing with internal LEDs at night. Bonvicini cites the Velvet Underground song, “Run, Run, Run” and Neil Young’s “Running Dry” as heavy sources of inspiration.

BMW Art Car, Jeff Koons. Credit: Getty Images/Jan Kruger

The BMW Art Car Collection is making its first appearance in the UK, bringing pieces of our Motor City hearts with it. The most recent addition to these aesthetic automobiles (pictured above at Potters Field) was designed by American artist Jeff Koons. The Art Car Collection has been in the making for over 35 years, having previously collaborated with artists such as Andy Warhol, David Hockney and Robert Rauschenberg. The collection will be on view for just two short weeks, held off-site as part of the Cultural Olympiad festivities.

"Olympic Dreams" (2008), Hua Chen. Park West Gallery Collection

We’re proud to say that a group of distinguished Park West Gallery artists have also had the honor of serving as official Olympic Artists. Alexander Chen, for example, created original works for both the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics and the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, and was the only Olympic Artist sanctioned by both the U.S. Olympic Committee and the Beijing Olympic Committee. Hua Chen also created original works for the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, finding his inspiration in the movements of gymnastics. And Alfred Gockel was an official artist for the U.S. Olympic Committee during the 2006 Winter Games held in Turin, Italy.

With the works of such incredible artists surrounding the Olympics, it’s easy enough to get distracted from the Games themselves! Are you looking forward to this summer’s big event?
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Park West Gallery Artist Series Presents: Olympic Artist Hua Chen

Hua Chen, Park West Gallery Fine Art Collection“Ballet I” by Hua Chen | Park West Gallery Collection

Park West Gallery Artist Series Presents: Olympic Artist Hua Chen
In the following Park West Gallery exclusive, Olympic artist Hua Chen talks about his artistic background and education in China. He says that Degas is among the artists who most inspire him. Chen also explains how the style and grace of gymnastics and ballet have so profoundly influenced his work.

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Park West Gallery, Practice II by Hua Chen

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Park West Gallery Hosts APACC, A Special Evening with the Arts

APACC Blood of the Dragon Returns Again
A Special Evening with the Arts

Asian Pacific American Chamber of Commerce

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. / APACC – Asian Pacific American Chamber of Commerce is hosting their second networking event as guests stroll through the galleries of fine art on Thursday, September 25, 2008 at Park West Gallery.

The event will feature a tasting of selected fine white wines and sake from
Papa Joe’s Gourmet and a sampling of Asian delicacies
prepared by local Asian restaurants.

An Asian artists’ collection will be featured by Jiang Tiefeng,
Dominic Pangborn, Charles Lee, and Hua Chen.

Title Sponsor: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing N.A., Inc.
Event Sponsors: Nippon-Oil – Chrysan Industries and Miller Canfield
Media Sponsors: Corp! Magazine and Dbusiness

Dominic Pangborn, Co-Chair & CEO, Pangborn Design, Ltd. and
Hiroshi Mazawa, Honorary Co-Chair & Vice President, Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

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Hua Chen: 2008 Olympic Dreams

Olympic Dreams by Hua ChenPainting for Hua Chen is as important in his life as breathing. The act of putting a brush heavy with oil paint to canvas is how he makes a sacred connection with the world.

“I have always considered art to be spiritual. Painting is a process in which I practice my spirituality and express myself,”  Hua Chen said.

Recently, Chen was invited to be an official Olympic artist by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for the 2008 games. The organization was looking for artists from the host country of China, and after having seen Chen’s series of paintings featuring dancers, they thought he would be a natural fit. 
Koleen KaffanArt World News

Hua Chen is renowned for capturing the beauty of motion that is unique to an Olympic athlete on his canvas.” 
Jack Scharr, President of Fine Art, Ltd (Official Licensee of the United States Olympic Committee)