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21 responses to “Customer Reviews

  1. I like Andrew Bone painting of his animals he is awesome guy I would like to purchase the tiger picture and the lepiard.

  2. Clark & Adriane Heiser

    Adriane and I would like to thank Albert Scaglione and Park West Galleries for the invitation and wonderful cruise on the Norwegian Gem the week of May 4, 2013. We’d like to thank the entire Park West staff that joined us, both on the cruise, and at the Marriott Marquis the evening before the cruise. Jordan, Jason, Tim, Lindsey, and Simon (please forgive me if I left anyone out) were as professional as they were gracious to everyone who attended.

    Naturally, we collected a few more pieces of art as well (you guys should come up with some way to hang art from the ceiling – we’re almost out of wall space!!). We have been collectors of Marcus Glenn’s works for a few years now, and it’s always a pleasure when we can talk with him and Yolanda. Meeting Dominick Pangborn, and Scott Jacobs and his daughter were other highlights of our great experience. Meeting the artists and actually hearing the stories behind their works always enhances the value of their works beyond mere dollars and cents – it gives them a life of their own.

    We had tons of fun and met wonderful new friends as well.

    As my wife and I both love cruising, there’s no doubt that Park West and us will be crossing paths again. We can’t wait for our next cruise!

    Thank you again!

  3. Virginia Gonzalez-Watson

    My husband & I were on the Ncl Gem during Sandy and I canb honestly say that if not for Michael Casacci and his staff, we’d have lost our minds. Mr. Casacci was extremely informative,helpful and fun., all of the gallery events we attended were informative and enjoyable.We’ve been on 8 cruises now and have bought 20-30 pieces over the years but this was the most enjoyable. Kudos to you Park West in your astute judgement in employing this wonderful auctineer and the staff that works with him i.e. Sean, Amy, I wish I could remember all their names . But they made an otherwise boring and at times distressing time bearable.
    Thank you

    Virginia Gonzalez-Watson
    (pst- we bought a Rembrandt)

  4. Deborah Benedic

    So sad about Tarkay. So glad I was at The Genry that weekend

  5. Brenda and Bill B./ Greenfield, IN

    Just received our new D Pangborn. It is awesome.

  6. Tom illespie & Mary Rogers

    Just wanted to let you know that we had a wondeful time on the Carnival ship out of Miami last November. Peter and his staff was great. We ended up returning with 18 pieces and to my surprise when everything was hung we strill have more room. Guess we’ll have to go on another cruise.
    Tom G & Mary R from Bradenton, FL.

  7. I am really saddened to hear of the death of Thomas Kinkade. I am lucky enough to have one of his paintings on my wall at home which I purchased from Park West Galleries. My late husband who died on his 51st birthday in 2011 and I both loved his works and purchased some of his other products like the daily diary where he posted his thoughts for each day of the year. He was, I believe, a very passionate man and one who really cared about peopleand family. Both my late mother and father are artists and sell their paintings so I have a great opinion of his fantastic works and the meaning that he put into each and every one of them. His ability to draw you into his magical world was absolutely fantastic. My thoughts go out to his family at this very sad time, losing him so young is really hard as I know only too well.

  8. I have over a dozen Park west pieces in my home all of the cruise ships over the years two are Peter max one inparticular was for my 50th birthday and although people in the UK dont know much about Peter max I love it look at it every day. Thanks to Park west Ive learnt a lot more about art through out the years.

  9. Linda & Joe DeFrancesco

    Thank you Park West for the wonderful experience onboard the Epic. As usual everything was magical! A special thanks to the team of Jason, Sebel, Donna, AnneMarie, and Jin, and Mori ,who outdid themselves with the presentation of 4 great artists. The weeklong activities were exciting and fun. At first the group size was a little scarry, but everyone seemed to mesh and the stories of everybodies art collections is always fasinating. We’ve come away with many memories, new friends, and of course the best part, wonderful works of art. Again Park West, thanks for being a part of our lives! Lin & Joe

  10. Patricia Anger, Clyde Michigan Summer

    Park West Gallery is such a great family to belong too, I love the news letter and of couse all the wonderful information you give. I am in Mesa Az. for the winter. I thank you everyday, I see art work here. Take care and have a great holiday season. Patricia Anger

  11. On my last cruse on the oasie of the see. I was very unhappy that Royal Caribbean no longer has park west on thair ship. I saw no art that i would ever hang on my wall. they will never maket. Thank you R.H. Otto

  12. Just received our Pangborn Magritte-Art in Motion. This is the coolest pieace of art we have ever seen. It will surley be the most talked about pieace of art we have. Pangborn is one of our favorite artist. Can’t wait till be get to see him again.

  13. Park WEst introduced us to a fun way of understanding and buying art. Imagine our shock when we recently travelled on a different cruise line, which had an art gallery. We asked the female in charge a question and were appalled at her patronising and positively rude response (Celebrity Eclipse). It was about buying one of the books about an artist. At that point we walked away (though we had been looking at a couple of pieces) and did not go anywhere near the art gallery again through out the two week cruise. We hope to hear more and maybe buy more Csaba Markus if you are doing a show of his work. Everybody loves the art we bought on our last cruise with your auctioneer. (All of your staff on board were were lovely).

  14. My husband and I just completed an Alaskan Cruise with Royal Carribean and much to our dismay Park West Gallery is no longer on board with Art shows. We have purchased multiple pieces in the past and I couldn’t wait to participate again. Their loss… and ours. It would make me consider another cruise line! AND I PLAN TO REPEAT THAT TO THEM!!! LOVE THE ART! Thanks for keeping in touch! Peg & Walt Hambrecht

  15. Virginia Zimmerman

    We had the great pleasure of attending the land auction at the Ritz Carlton in Dallas resently and was thrilled with the auctions, artist, and the Parkwest employees. I had a wonderful time from the day we arrived until our departure. Keep up the first class auctions and introducing people like me to the great artist and their work. VirginaZ/Allen

  16. The art staff on the carnival liberty are the best I have ever met.They helped me buy a Max and Simon Bull artworks.Wish I will be able to see them again.What a pleasure.

  17. I have come to believe that the best relationships start as a result of an offer for a glass of wine or champagne. More than 27 years ago, my wife Debora and I met one Friday evening as a result of car trouble and the offer of a glass of wine, and we have been constant companions since. So it should not have suprised me that when we took our first cruise to celebrate our 24th anniversary in Dec. 2008, that we should embark (pardon the pun) on another great relationship–this one with Park West and our love affair with art.

    Debora has always been artistically active, and is a gifted “crafter” in her own right. So when she spotted the advertisement for the art auction (with gratis champagne) onboard Carnival Conquest, I knew that “sea day” would be fulfilling. We arrived and spent time perusing all the offerings throughout the room, then settled in for the auction. Our host auctioneer and the staff were engaging, informative and fun, and we were enchanted with the stories of the artists, their backgrounds and accomplishments. Although we were truly non-collectors, we bought a Bellet, a Kincade and an Erte during the first auction and at the end, Debora won the Grand Prize in the raffle–a perfect end to our anniversary day. For the final auction on our last “sea day”, we were enthusiastically invited back (with the lure of more raffle tickets) and purchased three more pieces. Our “life event” week was transformed and our relationship with Park West was cemented upon the final raffle, when Debora once again won the Grand Prize. We came away with a virtually perfect trip, beautiful artwork, and a new relationship with the true professionals at Park West.

    We were so taken with the experience that we booked another cruise to celebrate our 25th anniversary, taking both our children, my sister and my mother, for January 2010.

    As we readied for the trip, Debora and I caught ourselves thinking that there was no way to duplicate such a great experience as our introduction to Park West (their superior customer service) and art collecting, but we decided to give it a go. Once on board, we planned our excursions around the scheduled auctions, and even talked the kids (19 and 11) into coming with us. During the first auction, we purchased several pieces including two Tarkays, along with winning a Marco Mavrovich and a LeKinff in the raffle. But the highlight of the day was when the PW staff displayed a Hua Chen on a “mystery”. When they turned the painting over, our daughter Ashleigh literally gasped in awe. I will never forget the look on her face when she saw it for the first time, and now she wakes up to that painting every day–it hangs in her college apartment. As for the “Marco”, it was my son’s first selection of fine art. Later that evening, when I went to make arrangements for our auction purchases, the PW team showed me another Tarkay (“Busy Cafe”), which they offered at an extremely favorable price, to which we accepted as well. With that result, I was able to offer one of the first two Tarkays we purchased to my sister as a wedding present for her son, my nephew. She was stunned and very appreciative. While in the office settling up, I couldn’t take my eyes off an original Peter Nixon, but it was out of our range, considering our other purchases. Looking back, I shouldn’t have been concerned. Our luck held for the final auction, and we won the 500.00 bid credit at the beginning of the auction. When the last “mystery” came up, it was the Nixon I had so admired, at a substantial savings. With the 500.00 credit to help and a bit more discussion with the assistant and the auctioneer, we acquired our first one-of-a-kind piece, and it is the centerpiece of our Gallery Wall in our home.

    A few months later, we were invited to a VIP event in our hometown. Thinking that nothing could top our seaborne experiences, we gladly accepted the offer by Jason Teeman, who was kind enough to allow our son to be included. The event was held at a five-star local resort, and PW rolled out the red carpet. The weekend was nothing short of fabulous! Rob Duckett and the whole PW team were phenomenal and created an exciting and informative weekend. The level of customer service and attention to detail was worthy of royalty, and we were made to feel welcomed and valued. We sat at dinner Saturday evening with Tim Yanke and Csaba Markus and were amazed by the stories they shared and their insights and the motivations that influenced their works. My son James won a hand-painted, signed T-shirt from Tim Yanke as a raffle prize, while Debora won a bottle of wine which both Tim and Csaba drew their impressions on the label. That is one bottle that will NEVER be opened. At this event we also acquired our first Peter Max and our first Picasso.

    Suffice it to say, our relationship with PW has moved past the “flirtation” phase of free champagne, and while we consider ourselves “advanced novices”, PW has helped us to become collectors, has educated us and developed our passion for fine art. A trip this past Thanksgiving yielded an additional Max, another Nixon and two Csaba Markuses (one which hangs on my son’s “Mini Gallery wall”) with the help of Constantine, Gabrielle and staff, and another cruise is booked for this Thanksgiving. Our son can’t wait to go, and while we look forward to the shore excursions and the cruise itself, we hope that lightning will strike again in a brilliant PW experience. The beauty of the world of art is a daily blessing in our lives, and Park West’s vision of bringing fine art to all people has made a wonderful impression our entire extended family will cherish for generations to come. Each new meeting with PW and its people gives us another “life-event”. Park West’s people provide an intoxicating blend of beautiful art and graceful, effortless care for their clients, and we feel like we are now part of the PWG story. Like fine wine, our enjoyment of art, delivered by Park West, only grows with time.

    All our best to Park West,
    Tim Packard
    San Antonio, TX

  18. Bruce E. Williams

    The artist that i wwould commission for my mothers portrait is Linda Le Kinff! I like the abstractness, color, lines, brightness and realness. Since my mother passed several years ago, I have felt a since of emptiness, but when i look at Ms. Kinff pictures, is shows pictues of calmness, love, warmth and since of being

  19. Well it is has finally happened. We have run out of wall space and the walk-in is full of paintings in boxes. For Christmas the kids got paintings as did the grand children. It was great to see their eyes light up and how happy they still are with the artwork. Now they want more art for their homes. They have put post-it notes on the back of the paintings on our walls. LOL I feel like our house has become a cruise ship or land auction. We are giving a painting to the daughter of a neighbor who is graduating from med school. She went to Washington U. in St. Louis so she is getting the arch painting from 9/11 by Simon Bull. I know she will love it! David and Jennie deep in the heart of TEXAS!

  20. Sharon Manwarren

    Happy “81st” Birthday Anatole, one of your artwork greets me every time I walk into my house.. Love your art work and look forward to more pieces..

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