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Remembering the Newspaper Art of Nolan Ross

The Park West Foundation hosts events for many charitable organizations each year, generating significant proceeds for many worthy causes. Join us on Saturday, Oct. 3 at Park West Gallery for  the Michigan’s Children Art & Advocacy Benefit, featuring the Cartoons of Nolan Ross.
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Nolan Ross, Park West Gallery, Metro TimesFulgurites, asparagus and zaniness
September 30, 2009

Just open a daily newspaper in any major American city today and you’ll find it’s not just the quality, length and subject matter of the stories inside that’s changed. Where did the creativity go? What about the screwball columnists and cartoonists?

And what would become of an artist like Nolan Ross, a prolific and gifted Detroit Free Press cartoonist and graphic artist from 1972 to 1988, in today’s dailies? Ross’ work is visually reminiscent of Robert Crumb’s pen work, but less subversive, given the subject matter, which ranges from property tax and schizophrenia to Coleman Young, from the Detroit salt mines to Alan Greenspan and asparagus.

In 1997, Ross, 54, succumbed to his battle with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease — a genetic brain disorder often confused with Alzheimer’s disease — but not without leaving a legacy of work. Nolan Ross’ brother Carter, two years his elder and the first of three to study at the renowned Interlochen Center for the Arts, has more than 1,000 pieces from his brother’s career, many of which will be exhibited for sale at the Park West Gallery in Southfield for one night only on Oct. 3; proceeds will benefit the advocacy group Michigan’s Children. His work has never been exhibited before. . . 

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Michigan’s Children Art & Advocacy Benefit at Park West Gallery
Featuring the Cartoons of Nolan Ross
Details: Saturday, October 3, 7-10pm.
Tickets : $75/person. Beverages and hors d’ oeuvres will be served.
Reservations: Visit www.michiganschildren.org / Call 517-485-3500.

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