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European Art Odyssey VIP Cruise with Park West Gallery

Written by Park West Gallery collectors, Marianne and Theo Hoogstraaten, Dutch authors of the thrillers “Child’s Play,” “Powerless,” “Apparent World” and “Lokvrouw”

From left, Theo and Marianne Hoogstraaten with Alfred Gockel.

From left, Theo and Marianne Hoogstraaten with Alfred Gockel

Shortly after our presentation on parallels between our work and the paintings of Vincent van Gogh, at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, we received another art-related invitation that was just as special: Park West Gallery offered us a European Art Odyssey VIP cruise.

Our first reaction was disbelief. Was this a joke?

The next email showed that the invitation was indeed serious. Park West did not ask for a deposit ahead of time and there were no obligations attached to the invitation. Their goal was to create an intimate and relaxing experience for each of their guests. It was only assumed that we, as art lovers, would attend the art lectures provided by guest artists, who were flown from America. Park West would create a very tempting environment to collect art, but there was no requirement to reach a minimum of spending.

We gladly accepted the invitation.

On July 18, we were welcomed at the hotel Hilton Molino Stucky in Venice. We enjoyed a cocktail party and dinner, where we could meet the other lucky ones. We were the only Dutch between Americans, one Irish and one Norwegian couple. Everything was perfectly organized and the atmosphere was extremely pleasant and friendly.

The next morning we boarded our vessel, the beautiful Norwegian Jade. We were checked in through a private desk of Park West in no time. It was a taste of the rest of the cruise ahead: private rooms for lectures, auctions and cocktail parties, a separate room in the restaurant and really everything on behalf of Park West. We have never been so spoiled!

The presentations of the artists who joined us during the cruise were unforgettable. The first who gave an appearance was the French painter Duaiv. A wide variety of palette knife painted artwork was presented. Duaiv is clearly more a painter than a speaker. His performance was a little shy, but he was disarming and very open. So his work sold well the next day. Our first impression that he was sympathetic, was confirmed when we talked with him and his wife about painting and writing. His wife had composed a beautifully illustrated book about his life and work. He confided that he had moved to the U.S because there, he and his family felt more comfortable and safer than in France. In Cannes, someone had shot at him, and he was hit in the arm. If he had told that during his presentation it would perhaps have yielded additional sales, but that wasn’t his style.

The next day, Dominic Pangborn made his entrance. During his presentation he told especially about his life and all the setbacks he had to overcome to get to where he was now. He was a good speaker and told a gripping story about the suicide of a son of his friends. That had emotionally effected him and he had caught his feelings in a painting. His Art in Motion series, full-color three-dimensional structures, which move when you walk by, attracted much interest.

The third artist, Alfred Gockel, surprised his audience by not speaking but painting and involving his audience in it. Because he had worked the evening long he could present the result the next morning. It was a beautiful painting, a symphony of colors in partly abstract, partly figurative patterns—a true Gockel! During the auction, buyers offered high amounts for that special artwork. Gockel is one of the few modern artists who work on etching plates, in the tradition of Rembrandt, Goya and Picasso. Some are printed in multiple colors. The circulation of it is always very limited, after which the plate is destroyed. In particular, a series of etchings of Venice was appreciated. We thoroughly talked with him about etching techniques and ways of printing, in wich we have a special interest.

On the last auction day, works by Yaacov Agam were featured. To everyone’s surprise, one of his works that was exhibited in the Guggenheim museum was offered for sale, and sold!

Before we left for Venice, we could not imagine what awaited us. In any case, all of our expectations were far exceeded. Who wouldn’t want to cruise from Venice to destinations such as the Greek islands of Corfu, Santorini and Mykonos, where we always had enough time to look around. During the days at sea we were immersed in art of high quality. Park West Gallery had everything very well-organized. There was no pressure to buy expensive works!

This European Art Odyssey VIP cruise was really a fantastic experience. We have written this review with pleasure and perhaps it will serve as a recommendation to others in the future.

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Park West Gallery Artist Sessions: The Collectors

Which artist(s) whose works you’ve collected would you most like to meet in person? Who have you already met that you’d like to see again?

It is a special joy and privilege for us to put our customers directly in touch with our artists, an experience historically reserved for only the wealthiest of art patrons and collectors — that is, until the founding of Park West Gallery. We thought we’d turn the tables and share a little insight into how our artists feel about our collectors. Watch:

Watch other exclusive videos from Park West Gallery at http://vimeo.com/parkwestgallery/videos.

Now Online! Park West Gallery Fall Sale Collection

Park West Gallery Fall Sale Collection 2011

Labor Day Weekend is almost here, kids will soon be returning to school and autumn is on the horizon. With the upcoming season quickly approaching, thoughts of decorating for holiday parties and gift-giving abound, and the Park West Gallery Fall Sale Collection offers the perfect selections for any of these special occasions.

Now through November 14, the Park West Gallery Fall Sale Collection is being featured online, with more than 350 exceptional works at exciting sale prices.

The Fall Collection boasts something for everyone, from an array of fine art by Park West Gallery’s most popular artists (old masters and contemporary favorites), to sports memorabilia, designer jewelry and Japanese woodcuts. A variety of media are available including oil and acrylic paintings, watercolors and drawings, hand-signed limited edition etchings, lithographs, serigraphs and hand-embellished graphic works.

Interested collectors may also view the Fall Collection in person at our elegant, museum-style gallery. Park West Gallery is located at 29469 Northwestern Highway in Southfield, Michigan [Directions]. Hours: Monday – Friday, 10am – 6pm and Saturday 11am – 6pm.

Browse the Park West Gallery Fall Sale Collection online at www.parkwestgallery.com/seasonal-sale.

Park West Gallery in Art World News: “Galleries Benefit from Art Auctions”

Art World News, the popular art and framing trade magazine, recently featured an article entitled, “Galleries Benefit from Art Auctions.” Park West Gallery was among the art auction industry leaders interviewed for the piece. In part:

Creating an “experience” different to what people would get at the gallery alone, is important to the atmosphere, says Stoney Goldstein, executive vice president of sales at Park West Gallery. The company, headquartered in Southfield, MI, holds auctions in its gallery and at sea.

“Auctions are effective because clients enjoy the experience—from the preview to the bidding to seeing the presentations—and that certain indescribable energy that only an auction can provide. In a gallery, artworks may hang on a wall for months waiting for a collector. An auction is not only a fun and exciting event, it also helps clients evaluate what works they are interested in collecting and a price point at which they are comfortable spending more quickly; especially when there are 300 other people there who may be interested in the same artworks.”

[…] Charities can play a big role in a successful auction as well. First, it allows the gallery to do fundraising work, whilst also bringing new people into the gallery. Park West recently did an auction for the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association Foundation, and raised nearly $30,000 for their children’s outreach programs to the Caribbean and Latin America… 

Download the full article [pdf]

WWJ Interviews Peter Max at Park West Gallery Collectors Gala Event

Park West Gallery, The Henry, Peter MaxArt will line the walls at The Henry in Dearborn (Credit: WWJ’s Pat Sweeting)

The Henry To Wear New Look From Park West Gallery

DEARBORN (WWJ/CBS Detroit) / April 9, 2011 – In upscale hotels you generally find that those that feature fine art usually keep it contained in a gallery, but visitors to The Henry (formally The Ritz) in Dearborn, will find the hallways and the rooms decorated with the works of artists like Peter Max.

“It’s interesting, today everything is different, you know, 50 years ago it had to be in a gallery, in a museum, today it’s everywhere,” says Max to WWJ’s Pat Sweeting.

Listen to the full interview here:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Park West Gallery is celebrating its 42nd anniversary this weekend with the major Collectors Gala Event held at the Henry. Attendees have a chance to bid on hundreds of works of fine art. They’re also getting a chance to meet and chat with people like world-famous artist Peter Max who has a number of pieces in the auctions. Artists Itzchak Tarkay and David Najar are also attending.

“We’re going to see the art in hotel rooms be beautiful, the art in the hallways be beautiful, so its kind of exciting for us,” says Park West Gallery CEO Albert Scaglione.

Park West Gallery has also agreed to place part of its collection throughout The Henry in corridors, lobbies and restaurants creating a truly art-themed hotel.

Download the full article [pdf]
Park West Gallery has enjoyed a relationship with Peter Max since the 1970s, and is the artist’s largest and longest-running dealer in the world. Peter Max fine art is available at Park West Gallery cruise art auctions throughout the world or may be purchased through our gallery in Southfield, Michigan.

Visit the Park West Gallery Peter Max Collection »

The Smell of the Oil Paint, the Roar of the Crowd

Park West Gallery, cruise art auction at sea
Written by John S., Art Director for Park West Gallery Cruise Auctions at Sea

Out of all the things that are said to me as an Art Director for Park West Galleries aboard cruise ships, one sticks out in my mind more than any other. Without fail, almost every week, it crops up in conversation between Park West Gallery collectors and myself. In some form it comes out as, “Wow, what a great job this is!” It is a simple enough statement and is easy enough to respond to on a very superficial level, but there is much more to it. People of all ages, art backgrounds, and nationalities say it, with a hint of jealousy or admiration in their eyes at times, as though they would trade a limb for a chance at such a profession.

In response, I smile and agree, usually throwing in something about being one of the luckiest people in the world. But after months of this same repartee with a hundred different faces, it really does make you think. At face value, this career path does look like a dream come true, ripe with travel and exciting new relationships every week, while being surrounded by world-class artwork every day. That is the surface level that all cruise ship guests immediately see, but in truth, there is much more to this life, both positive and negative. The travel is wonderful, but that traveling takes us away from loved ones for months at a time. Meeting hundreds of people every week is fascinating and unique, but at times it can be exhausting. The good thing is, there really isn’t a downside to being surrounded by artwork every day.

There are two sides to every aspect of life on a cruise ship, and as art professionals representing Park West Gallery onboard, there are even more complications at times. We are charged with both educating and entertaining strangers, regarding a subject that can be intimidating to many people. Sometimes we succeed, and sometimes we fail, but week in and week out, we keep trying. So therefore, the question that rolls around in my mind as I finish each week, as I balance my victories and failures against one another, is what keeps me going?

As I embark on a third contract with Park West Gallery, I can finally answer that question. This job may be full of the highest highs and the lowest lows, but I know what keeps me coming back for more. It is the light that flashes in someone’s eye when they learn something new during a Masters Seminar, or the awe on a client’s face when they come face to face with a three hundred and sixty year old Rembrandt etching. There is no feeling in the world like shaking a person’s hand after they collect a work of art they truly love, whether it is a Picot or a Picasso.

It is a rare chance these days to help someone add something not only to their own life, but also to their family for the future. Being a part of that connection, or playing any sort of role in that experience is a difficult feeling to describe, but it makes every “lowest low” worthwhile. That feeling is why we spend our Christmases in Cozumel, and our New Years Eve celebrations in the middle of the ocean. It is the same sensation that fills the room during an auction, the same breathless silence during a seminar when art history is revealed before people’s eyes. Quite simply, as my title implied, it’s the smell of the oil paint and the roar of the crowd. It is what I spend my life seeking, what I love more than anything to find, and what I’ll continue to search for on every ocean that will have me.
A Whole New World of Opportunity
As a global leader in the Fine Art industry, Park West Gallery maintains art galleries aboard cruise ships throughout the world and produces thousands of live art auctions per year. If you are interested in the opportunity to join our team of Art Auction Sales Professionals, please visit Plymouth Auctioneering at www.plymouthauctioneering.com.

Cruise Art Auction Customer Reviews: Park West Gallery Testimonial Series

At a recent Park West Gallery cruise art auction aboard the Norwegian Sky, we asked art collectors to share their Park West Gallery experiences with us.

Here’s what they had to say . . .

Watch more exclusive videos featuring your favorite artists at the Park West Gallery YouTube Channel.
If you’ve had a memorable experience at a Park West cruise art auction, a Park West land event, or bought artwork through Park West Gallery in Southfield, Michigan, please send your feedback to custsvc@parkwestgallery.com for a chance to be featured on the Park West Gallery Customer Reviews Blog.


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