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Master Sculptor Nano Lopez Demonstrates His Process

Colombian-born master sculptor Nano Lopez puts an incredible amount of detail into his work. He also invests an extraordinary amount of time and energy into each and every piece. The following video details the step-by-step process of how the artist creates his fantastical “Nanimals” sculptures.

Learn more about artist Nano Lopez and see examples of his work available to collectors at www.parkwestgallery.com.

Scott Jacobs Visits Alex Gockel’s Studio in Germany [Video]

What happens when two Park West Gallery artists collaborate? Scott Jacobs recently visited Alex Gockel‘s workshop in Lüdinghausen, Germany to try his hand at the ancient printmaking technique of etching. Watch:

Fine art by Scott Jacobs and Alex Gockel is available for purchase through Park West Gallery and its cruise art auctions at sea. Learn more at www.parkwestgallery.com.

Artist Linda Le Kinff in Her Studio: Experimenting with Abstraction [Video]

Park West Gallery artist Linda Le Kinff  loves to experiment, incorporating a wide range of techniques, mediums and materials into her body of work. While she typically concentrates on the figurative style, her focus has recently shifted to mastering the art of abstraction. In this clip, Le Kinff gives us an exclusive look inside her studio in France and at her process as she creates a unique abstract masterpiece.

Watch more art videos featuring your favorite artists at the Park West Gallery YouTube Channel.

Exclusive artwork by Linda Le Kinff is available through Park West Gallery and our cruise art auctions. Learn more at www.parkwest-lekinff.com.

The Art of Michael Milkin [Video]

michael milkin, park west galleryPark West Gallery artist Michael Milkin was born in Kharkov, Ukraine, a city he describes as full of history and culture. Initially, Milkin was a student of architecture, later an art teacher and today, an artist whose collectors span the globe. He says that the opportunity to display his art on cruise ships has allowed him to reach a diverse audience that he wouldn’t have met otherwise.

In his work, Milkin concentrates on still lifes and landscapes, painting in brightly colored acrylics and oils with thick, dramatic brushwork. He is influenced by painters Cézanne, Manet and Vasiliev, and inspired by the country of Israel.

Read more about the artist
Fine art by Michael Milkin is available for purchase through Park West Gallery and its cruise art auctions at sea. Learn more at www.parkwestgallery.com.

The Fine Art of Engraving [Video]

From Albrecht Durer to Pablo Picasso, the technically precise fine art of engraving has been practiced by various masters throughout the decades of art history. Park West Gallery artist Linda Le Kinff often incorporates the traditional methods of printmaking and engraving into her contemporary works of art. Watch Le Kinff in her studio in France as she demonstrates this intricate artistic medium:

Exclusive artwork by Linda Le Kinff is available through Park West Gallery and its cruise art auctions at sea. Learn more at www.parkwest-lekinff.com.

Park West Gallery, the Artists’ Perspective [Video]

We often learn about the Park West Gallery experience from our collectors’ perspectives, but what is it like for the artists we represent? What advantages do our artists most enjoy from the unique opportunity to be included in the Park West Gallery family?

In the following Park West Gallery exclusive, you’ll hear from world-renowned contemporary artists including Peter NixonCsaba Markus, Romero Britto, Andrew Bone and Leslie Lew. Watch:

Happy 118th Birthday Joan Miro [Video]

“You can look at a painting for a whole week and then never think about it again. You can also look at a painting for a second and think about it for the rest of your life.” —JOAN MIRO (April 20, 1893 – December 25, 1983)

Today marks the 118th birthday of Catalan artist Joan Miro, a man viewed by the art world and collectors as one of the most important artists of the 20th century, and the precursor for much of modern art.

(For an interactive timeline of the artist’s life and work, visit the Park West Gallery Joan Miro website »)

Joan Miro, Park West Gallery Collection

Now on view through September 11, Miro at Tate Modern is London’s first major retrospective of the artist’s works in nearly 50 years. Renowned as one of the greatest Surrealist painters, filling his paintings with luxuriant colour, Miró worked in a rich variety of styles. This is a rare opportunity to enjoy more than 150 paintings, drawings, sculptures and prints from moments across the six decades of his extraordinary career.

In the following video clip from Tate Modern, you’ll see vintage footage of Miro at work, go behind the scenes at his home and studio, and hear what scholars have to say about one of history’s greatest artists.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

For exhibit info, please visit www.tate.org.uk/modern/exhibitions/joanmiro
The Joan Miro fine art collection is available at Park West Gallery cruise art auctions and through our gallery in Southfield, Michigan. Learn more about the artist and see examples of his work at www.parkwest-miro.com

Journey Beyond the Visible with Kinetic Artist Yaacov Agam [Video]

Park West Gallery Artist Profile: Yaacov Agam
Journey “beyond the visible” with Park West Gallery Director, Morris Shapiro, and the father of Kinetic art, Yaacov Agam. Experience the history of art as never before — through the expert teachings of Agam. Watch as the artist creatively illustrates the evolution of the line, from cave drawings to the Egyptian pyramids, from the Renaissance to Cubism, and finally, travel with him into the fourth dimension. 

Join Park West Gallery for this fascinating profile of one of the most important artists living in our time… 

→ To learn more about Yaacov Agam, please visit Park West Gallery Artist Biographies at http://bio.parkwestgallery.com/artists/Yaacov-Agam

→ Yaacov Agam fine art is available for purchase through Park West Gallery and its cruise art auctions at sea. Browse the Park West Gallery Fine Art Collection at http://sales.parkwestgallery.com