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Artist Birthdays October 13 – TERRY FROST

TERRY FROST (October 13, 1915 – September 1, 2003)

  • Nationality: British
  • Field: Painting
  • Art Movement: Abstraction
  • ARTiFact: He began to paint during WWII, after being taken prisoner during the invasion of Crete in 1941. After the war he was rejected by art school for not having A-levels. But a chance meeting in a pub with a fellow prisoner who had become an educational officer gained Frost a place at Camberwell School of Art.
  •  Artist Quote: “Sometimes I get the strength to have complete confidence in myself and every shape. Other times I find the shapes can be associative, but only after the painting. I can’t stand them being associative before, that puts me right off.”
  • Notable Artwork (shown below): June, Red and Black,  1965.
    Terry Frost. Red, Black and White, 1955-6. © The Estate of Terry Frost


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The Daily Reviewer Ranks Park West Gallery as Top Arts Blog!

Top 100 Blogs AwardThe Daily Reviewer has selected The Park West Gallery WordPress Blog as a Top Arts Blog!

According to their website:

The Daily Reviewer selects only the world’s top blogs (and RSS feeds). We sift through thousands of blogs daily to present you the world’s best writers. The blogs that we include are authoritative on their respective niche topics and are widely read. To be included in The Daily Reviewer is a mark of excellence.

Thank you to The Daily Reviewer for selecting Park West Gallery… and thank you to all of our blog readers for your continued support!

Stay tuned to the Park West Gallery blog for the latest art, artist and gallery news from around the globe!

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An Unforgettable Park West Experience at Sea

0143060“I recently received my Bellet purchases and I couldn’t be happier!!! It gave me the incentive to rearrange my furniture and re-hang (even give away) stuff I’ve collected over the years to free up prime wall space.

Thanks to Kathy and Al, I learned so much. Attending seminars and auctions was the major activity of the day for me – whether mornings, afternoons or evenings. Kathy knows how to keep the attendees interested and as the cruise continued quite a crowd collected to hear her. This was an experience I am not likely to forget.

Looking forward to my next art cruise…”

Arthur S.
Pensacola, Florida


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“Chagall for Children” Traveling Exhibit

Kohl Children’s Museum put together a world-class, multi-sensory, hands-on exploration of one of the best-known and best-loved artists of the twentieth century, Marc Chagall. The exhibit is on the road and is currently at Port Discovery Children’s Museum in Baltimore.

Photo Credit: Kohl Children's Museum

Photo Credit: Kohl Children's Museum

Courtesy of MarylandFamilyMagazine.com

Kids can experience the art of Marc Chagall at an exhibit opening this month at Port Discovery Children’s Museum.

“Chagall for Children,” an interactive exhibit, will allow kids to create mosaics, weave tapestries, use touch screens to digitally alter Chagall’s masterpieces, conduct symphonies and even insert themselves into one of his paintings.

Chagall was a Russian-born Jewish painter who lived most of his life in France. The exhibit features 14 reproductions of his works including “The Birthday,” “The Rooster,” and “Paris Through the Window.”

The similarities between Chagall’s fanciful paintings and children’s artwork is one of the reasons his work was chosen as the center of the exhibit,” according to a press release. Developed by the Kohl Children’s Museum of Greater Chicago, “Chagall for Children” is an introduction to art for very young children that can be enjoyed by children of all ages.

The exhibit will be at Port Discovery May 23 to Sept. 7. The museum is located at 35 Market Place in Baltimore. Admission is $11.75 for children 2 and up. For more information call 410-727-8120 or visit www.portdiscovery.org.



Puzzled by Art?

Test your knowledge of art history, old & modern masters and Park West contemporary artists! The 3 categories below each contain 10 anagrams of words, phrases and well, purely nonsensical terms. Correctly rearrange the letters of each anagram to reveal a one-word answer befitting its respective category. Happy Art Unscrambling!

Hint: Scroll down to the bottom for the answers.


 Art History
Old & Modern Masters   Contemporary Artists









9. A DAD




3. MI OR



















Answers –  Art History Periods: 1. Baroque, 2. Rococo, 3. Surrealism, 4. Cubism, 5. Renaissance, 6. Impressionism, 7. Modern, 8. Romanticism, 9. Dada, 10. Fauvism | Old & Modern Masters: 1. Rembrandt, 2. Dali, 3. Miro, 4. Picasso, 5. Chagall, 6. Goya, 7. Renoir, 8. Durer, 9. Cezanne, 10. Matisse | Contemporary Artists: 1. Krasnyansky, 2. Medvedev, 3. Kinkade, 4. Britto, 5. Tarkay, 6. Fanch, 7. Mouly, 8. Gockel, 9. Picot, 10. Markus


Park West Artists at Sea: Simon Bull

By Erin, Cruise Ship Art Auctioneer

Tall, distinguished, quiet and yet, Simon Bull is anything but unassuming. There’s a stillness to him that runs at full speed. There’s a calmness to him that rages. Clearly a powder keg, keen eyes and a sly smile forewarn fireworks sure to burst, but when?

Moonlight Fire

Caught up in his pleasant reserve, Simon Bull presents nothing but a puzzle box fuse – and then he paints. Setting his surroundings ablaze with brushstrokes, Simon Bull is an electric interpreter of an eclectic resolve, and it’s little wonder that his recent cruise aboard the Celebrity Infinity kicked off with a fire drill.

A professional painter for the past 30 years, Simon Bull is a world respected artist. His accolades are numerous and well-earned. His reputation as a top notch image maker runs through the UK and across the pond, and this summer extended all the way to the north!

There are few better ways to see the Inside Passage than by sailing past in a luxury liner. While many eyes were affixed to windows and whales, Infinity guests found similar wide-eye wonders aboard. Sponsored by art world power house, Park West Gallery, Simon Bull’s amazing cruise produced a fleet of new and renewed art enthusiasts.

Just as avid about the outdoors as the average Alaskan bound cruise passenger, Simon Bull explored the first port of call, Sitka, with a camera in hand. While his evening engagements included a painting demonstration during dinner in the dining room, his daytime devices were left to the wilds of wilderness. An artist who captures the inherent inspiration of any given subject, be it a vibrant flower or a simple heart, Simon Bull stunned his audience during his first painting demonstration, seeming to capture nothing short of the American spirit.

The Power & The Glory

What did he paint? An icon loses something when reduced to a common name. Simon Bull painted an eagle.The sentence runs cold in common text of black and white; nonetheless Simon Bull painted an eagle that was nothing short of a wonder. Waterfalls of blue and red erupted around the drama of a white headdress of plumes and a steely grey gaze. Seeing the national bird of the United States in a mix of untouched evergreens and purple mountain majesty is a highlight of the Alaskan experience. It encompasses more than a snapshot might convey.

A wildlife artist as well, might simply render, but virtuoso Simon Bull bridged reality to the intangible. He gave form to a feeling; he enabled a flat surface to speak, and that evening seemed oddly quiet as dinner guests strained their eyes to hear.

It didn’t stay quiet. The end of the evening was abuzz with applause and admiration. The paint still wet, bids already resounded in the ear of the onboard auctioneer who hadn’t even offered the work for sale. Ten thousand was the first offer; the hammer finally fell at twenty-six.

All Things Bright and Beautiful XX

Simon Bull completed four paintings aboard Infinity. More were offered from the already amazing collection of the onboard Park West art gallery. Not everything went at twenty-six thousand, it didn’t have to; the beauty of the world’s largest art dealer (Park West) is its ability to demystify and secure the art market for everyone. A great success, Simon Bull’s cruise aboard the Infinity was more than a windfall; it was a window of enrichment.

Artwork in the making is rarely seen, and the birth of a masterpiece is even harder to find. Truly the cruise of a lifetime, guests aboard the Celebrity Infinity sailed through the wonders of the last frontier and similarly experienced the magic potential of man’s inner vision. Turned into a collector or inspired in personal pursuits, those privy to Simon Bull’s cruise returned home in Celebrity style, along with a potential for newfound takes on visual expression.

The inner fire of Simon Bull never set the ship ablaze, but it did bring the house down. Ever humble, Simon Bull took special time to forge relationships extending beyond a photo op or dedication. A church group commissioned a front piece for their following, a businessman commissioned a gift for a prince of a faraway kingdom. A school teaching couple requested the artist’s interpretation of the following, but not limited to: swirling, whirling, red, blue, cubes, dancing…and maybe some botanicals. Simon Bull never flinched; he has no reason to second guess or doubt himself.

Every challenge is another opportunity for great vision and Simon Bull is the man to create just such a view.


Happy Birthday Artist Joan Miro!

Prise a l'HameconBorn on April 20, 1893 in Barcelona, Spain, Joan Miro is remembered as one of the greatest Surrealist artists that ever lived. In fact Andre Breton, the Surrealist movement’s founder and proponent, described Miro as “the most surreal of us all.”

Miro’s works are easily recognized because of their bright colors and child-like qualities, and a selection of his artwork is offered by Park West Gallery.

Miro’s fame and recognition became international during the 1930s while he was living in Paris and developing his own unique style of imagery derived from elements of Catalan folk art, the art of children and randomness.

In the mid-1940s Miro returned to his homeland of Spain and began to experiment with many forms of media including lithography, etching, ceramics, sculpture and murals. He became one of the most prolific creators of original lithographs and etchings and innovated the techniques of etching through the use of highly textured applications of color, a technique that would later be called carborundum aquatint.

Miro visited the United States for the first time in 1947, and his artwork was the subject of many important museum exhibitions including two at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1951 and 1959. Miro settled in Majorca, Spain in 1956, and his studio there was eventually transformed into the Miro Museum. On December 25, 1983 Joan Miro passed away in Majorca, Spain at the age of ninety.

While Miro may be gone, his memory lives on. Today he is viewed by the art world as one of the most important artists of the 20th century.

Homenatge a Joan Prats


Noah’s Art: Incandenscent Beauty, Inconceivable Perfection

By Megan, Cruise Ship Art Auctioneer 

A chimerical vision, the crystalline waters of Venice are shockingly picturesque to first-time visitors. Pervading this city is such a sense of age and magnificence, that it seemingly becomes a radiant, unearthly place. Like a temporary stage set, there is a cinematic perfection that is incomprehensible. Venice is surreal.

The childlike fascination that one experiences in this Italian port is a sensation not often encountered. Yet, for the guests onboard the Celebrity Summit, a sense of wonderment suffused their entire Mediterranean holiday.

Chateau Ferrand by Noah

Just as the bridges join the winding streets of Venice, there was a similar ethereal connection established by the guest artist Noah. The allure and perfection of the European landscape was equally well experienced in a different medium, that of his hauntingly photographic painted works. The creation of such realistic and distinctive art moved guests to that same feeling of amazement that all encounter in the aged and dreamy world of Venice.

Noah arrived onboard the Celebrity Summit in Naples, Italy, for a trip filled with firsts. As a featured guest artist onboard the ship, Noah was both new to cruising and to Park West Gallery, who provided the remarkable opportunity to premiere his art on the high seas.

Originally from Orange County, California, Noah has a flourishing art career with clients worldwide, ranging from celebrities such as Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, to the Royal Family of Dubai.

The gift of an airbrush from his father enabled Noah at an early age to manifest his creative energies in a wholly unique style. The level of artistry possible with this instrument, and concurrent with a mind teeming with inspiration, is superb. The eclectic output of Noah, then, is a reflection of his innate talent, expert painting skills, and also of the world around him.

Bernini Sculpture by Noah

While happily exploring his first cruise ship, Noah also prepared for his debut among the guests. Invited to paint live in the dining room, Noah was excited to present himself and his work on the Celebrity Summit. An ideal introduction, airbrush painting had an entertaining, performance aspect, illuminating the artist’s technical prowess. Noah, therefore, showcased his genius by crafting two disparate images that night.

In an ode to the Renaissance classicism witnessed ashore, Noah created an expertly rendered painting of a Bernini sculpture. Additionally appealing to the nearly 400 kids onboard, he designed a Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, and Captain Hook painting as well. An officially licensed artist for Disney, Noah’s characters look like they are momentarily captured from a scene in an animated Disney treasure.

Delving into the mindset of this Californian artist, the Celebrity Summit Cruise Director conducted a live interview the following day. It was a successful journey into the past development of Noah’s skills, the present energy exuded in his art, and the possible future paths of creative evolution.

Not often do collectors get a firsthand insight into a particular artist’s work, but this interview truly displayed not only Noah’s enthusiasm but also his deep dedication to his craft. He approaches each canvas with merely the will to paint. This spiritual attitude accounts for the fresh perspective visually entrenched in each piece.

It's Five O'Clock Somewhere

Hearkening to those Surrealist masters like Salvador Dali, Noah likewise is led to create by a psychic, personal communion with higher powers. Surrendering to the art itself is what propels him to fashion each unworldly work.

Attending only his second Park West fine art auction that afternoon, Noah personally contributed to the thrilling atmosphere generated by the revelation of his art onboard the Celebrity Summit. Works featuring subjects from wine bottles to Disney characters to Alberto Fuentes cigars were well received by all, especially when Noah took over the podium to describe the time and energy invested in each singular piece.

The incandescent beauty of Noah’s floral designs did not make their appearance, however, until Noah painted live as part of the Mediterranean Flava deck party after the sailaway from Greece. Guests were transported temporarily to a garden lush with dew, as they saw him paint a bloom sparkling with water droplets. The level of realism shocked passersby, and many stood in awe as he airbrushed the rosy petals. His live work was a perfect addition to the best of European culture featured that night.

Marilyn Monroe by Noah

Even a movie star emerged the next day to join the collection. The smoldering romanticism of Marilyn Monroe was Noah’s next exquisite creation, with black-and-white Hollywood glamour seducing the contemporary viewer.

In his many canvases, from Marilyn to wine bottles, Noah reminds us of the sophistication inherent in the forgotten era of old movies. The works are like stills from classic films, their level of realism heightened by the minute detail and airbrush silkiness. It was because of these qualities, that Noah found many interested parties for unique commissions.

The artwork featured on the Celebrity Summit during Noah’s stay was a great mélange of both his and the guests’ many interests. The kids onboard were fascinated by the Disney pieces, and each one visiting the Gallery at the end of the cruise received a personalized sketch by Noah himself.

Kauai Sunrise

Those fond of European culture discovered great traditions of art and cuisine embodied in paintings of wine and sculpture. Nature made its way onto the Summit’s sailing city in Noah’s floral designs, luminous with jewel-like dew.

Despite remaining back in California, Noah’s wife and family were made a part of the trip in such mystical figurative pieces as Heavensent, homage to that powerful connection between man and wife.

Always interested in meeting new people and expressing interest in their lives, Noah was constantly intrigued by others onboard. Even the Captain was captivated by this guest artist, and made sure to welcome him during many meals and chats.

Upon reaching the end of the voyage and arriving in Venice, Noah was still riding the wave of wonderment at the immense reception of his art and his person onboard the Celebrity Summit. Stepping into that scenic Venetian paradise, Noah was unaware that his amazement had been contagious during that cruise. All guests onboard were noticeably awed by his talent and art.

As Noah commented on the unreal stage that Venice seemed to occupy, he concomitantly provided a similar radiant illusion in his own creations. The age and majesty of Venice emanates a certain sense of inconceivable perfection. The art of Noah does the same.

© Collectors Editions. All Rights Reserved. © Disney.

© Collectors Editions. All Rights Reserved. © Disney.