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Cruise Auctions at Sea Thrill Park West Art Collectors

PARK WEST GALLERY CUSTOMERS provide us with lots of wonderful feedback about our art auctions and artists. We want to share the following compliments from some Park West art collectors who recently experienced our Park West cruise art auctions at sea…


Andrew Bone. Into the Light. 2006.“We are still completely enjoying the Lion and Elephant paintings that we bought of Andrew Bone’s. Thank you for sending word about him and his artwork. Please keep sending information.

I really love all the artwork I bought from you.

Susie L.
Estero, Florida

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Michael Milkin. Tender Moments. 2008.

“I received my Michael Milkin original oil, Tender Moments. The framing is beautiful and the packaging was perfect. We just hung it and I am so thrilled. My son also purchased a print and is equally happy with his purchase.

Many thanks and see you next cruise!”

Pattie C.
Chesapeake, Virginia

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Fanch (Francois Ledan). Above Catalina. 2004.“This was our first cruise and we found the art auction to be an unexpected bonus! Your staff was engaging, informative, friendly and FUN!

We are thrilled with our two purchases and we are now looking forward to future auctions.”

Maripat R.
Winthrop, Massachusetts


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Looking Forward to the Next Park West Cruise Art Auction at Sea

Anatoly Metlan. L' Apres Midi. 2006.“Just a quick note to say how much we enjoyed Bruce’s auctions on our last cruise with Holland America. Bruce was most helpful and professional on each occasion that my wife and I dealt with him.

This was the second time we purchased art from Park West while at sea – we really look forward to the art auctions. It has been a pleasure to deal with Bruce and I am sure on our next cruise we will again be attending auctions and adding to our collection through your many wonderful works of art.”

Phil S.
St. John’s, Newfoundland


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Park West Art Auctioneers Provide Exceptional Service at Sea

Alfred Gockel. Rhythm in the Tropics (detail). 2009.I am extremely satisfied with the exceptional service I have received from the knowledgeable auctioneers and gallery directors aboard every cruise on which I have purchased artwork.

This last cruise was no exception.

I purchased artwork from a relative newcomer to the Park West staff, Christopher. He was forced to make the best of a ‘non-art’ crowd and only two auctions, but he was very enthusiastic and made the experience very enjoyable. He and his partner, Angie, were very attentive to their customers and went above and beyond to ensure a good experience purchasing from Park West.

I proudly display my artwork in my home and would recommend Park West to anyone who wants the best value for the art they desire. Thank you, as well, to the other auctioneers and gallery directors I have had the pleasure to do business with.”

Lori P.
Wesley Chapel, Florida


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Thank You Park West for a Wonderful Cruise

Tim Yanke. "Kokopelli (fig. 1)."“I wish to thank you for the wonderful cruise on the Norwegian Dawn. I enjoyed everything about the cruise… loved the accommodations, the Park West hospitality and the opportunity to view/purchase wonderful pieces of art.

I am grateful for the invitation to this VIP function and sincerely appreciate all that the Park West staff did to make the experience so enjoyable. It is always lots of fun to meet and get to know the Park West artists too.”

Dave N.,
West Barnstable, Massachusetts



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Making Sense of Thomas Kinkade

MIDDLEBURY, VERMONT – The Middlebury College Museum of Art presents Making Sense of Thomas Kinkade, an exhibition about the enormously successful but controversial contemporary landscape painter. The exhibit is currently on view through August 9, 2009.

The End of a Perfect Day III, © 1995 Thomas Kinkade.

It is easy to dismiss the work of Thomas Kinkade as kitsch and brush aside his popular success as only a marketing phenomenon, but to do so ignores his sincere zeal and the deep resonance his pictures have with huge numbers of people. While an appreciative audience of millions is not a sure sign of aesthetic quality or profundity, the wide appeal of Kinkade’s art indicates that he has tapped into powerful personal and cultural longings. In other words, whether his work is good or not, it is telling.

The exhibit considers works by Kinkade along side paintings by Thomas Hill (1829-1908) and Norman Rockwell (1894-1978), two artists he greatly admires, as well as America’s Most Wanted, a 1993 landscape print by Vitaly Komar (born 1934) and Alex Melamid (born 1945), that aims to distill into a single work the artistic preferences of a random sample of American adults.

Kinkade’s images are consistent with popular preferences in art, but what’s more his work is deliberately based on a relevant, respectable artistic heritage. He has reshaped and updated the tradition of Romantic landscape painting in particular and consistent ways to create his nostalgic, sentimental confections. Consistently running through the art that has most influenced Kinkade is a search for relief from the pressures and shortcomings of modern life.

Kinkade’s own work may be popular because it is uplifting and painless, but it is not without content. His fantasy alternative existence consists of a tranquil domestic setting in a timeless but nonindustrial world free of social and psychological tensions. His images offer daydream relief from real, serious social and cultural stresses. This redress, however, occurs mostly in wistful imagination rather than in action, and thus Kinkade’s pictures help viewers to adapt to a life out of balance with their ideals instead of working toward reconciling conflicting desires in practice.

Kinkade’s trademarked tagline is “The Painter of Light” and indeed light is a crucial element of his images. His luminous skies are a standard Romantic convention for suggesting a divine presence permeating nature. Unique to Kinkade’s work, as in his painting Hometown Morning, is a bright warm golden light blazing out improbably from every single window of his cozy dwellings.

“I paint glowing windows,” notes Kinkade, “because glowing windows say home to me. Glowing windows say welcome. They say all is well. They say that someone’s waiting, someone cares enough to turn a light on.”

Some pictures show paradise already obtained, or nearly so, which encourages viewers to use them as sedatives, not spurs to soul searching. Kinkade, however, hopes for more. He consciously offers his works as a remedy for psychological and more broadly cultural malaise. Other pictures are invitations to wander, but in their picturesque sweetness and lack of incident and turmoil they assure a safe and happy trip. In this way, Kinkade pictures are like bourgeois vacations: an adventure of sorts, but not dangerous, complete with comforts, replicating one’s daily existence at home without its cares and shortcomings but with more novelty and whimsy. [Source: www.tfaoi.com]


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Steadfast Park West Clients, and Fans

“Mike and I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful Baltic cruise.

We are truly amazed at the efficiency and professionalism of all of the Park West associates. The VIP art was extraordinary, and the ability to meet with the artists and enjoy their company is an unparalleled experience.

Needless to say, we are steadfast Park West clients, and fans!”

Stephanie & Michael V.
Malibu, California


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Park West Gallery Launches Art Forum

Park West Gallery ForumPark West Gallery announces its

Continuing our mission of connecting people to art, the Park West Gallery Art Forum provides the perfect spot where members and guests can chat all about the latest art world happenings and share their thoughts on all things art.

Current Art Forum “hot topics” include:

  • Favorite artworks
  • Favorite contemporary artists & old masters
  • Upcoming art exhibits & shows
  • Ask the Gallery Director
  • Cruise art auctions at sea
  • …and any other art-related topics you want to discuss!

The forum is open to everyone – artists, art collectors and art enthusiasts – and the membership is FREE!

Join the Park West Gallery Art Forum today! >> 


Pigeons as Discerning Art Critics?

Can a pigeon judge “good art” from “bad art” in the same way as a person? A fascinating new study by Japanese researchers says yes.

Park West Gallery

June 25, 2009 / TOKYO (AFP) Pigeons may sometimes appear to randomly target city sculptures with their droppings, but according to a new Japanese study they also have the potential to become discerning art critics.

Researchers at Tokyo’s Keio University say they have found that the birds have “advanced perceptive abilities” and can distinguish between “good” and “bad” paintings, recognising beauty the way humans do.

The team — which previously published research saying that pigeons can tell a Monet from a Picasso — was seeking to find out whether the animals may also be able to prefer one to the other. For their experiment, the scientists took paintings by elementary school children and selected those that were commonly deemed to be “good” and “bad” by teachers and a control group of other adults.

Keio University in a report clarified that the research “did not deal with advanced artistic judgements.” “But it did indicate that pigeons are able to learn to distinguish ‘good’ or ‘beautiful’ paintings the way an ordinary human being can,” it said.

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