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Park West Gallery Summer Sale 2013


The Park West Gallery Summer Sale Collection is now online! Shop now and save on an array of fine artwork, sports memorabilia, animation art and high-end designer jewelry—all at extraordinary sale prices. More than 300 works by world-renowned old & modern masters and contemporary artists are featured in this special collection.

Visit http://sales.parkwestgallery.com to browse the collection.

Park West Gallery Artist Sessions: The Collectors

Which artist(s) whose works you’ve collected would you most like to meet in person? Who have you already met that you’d like to see again?

It is a special joy and privilege for us to put our customers directly in touch with our artists, an experience historically reserved for only the wealthiest of art patrons and collectors — that is, until the founding of Park West Gallery. We thought we’d turn the tables and share a little insight into how our artists feel about our collectors. Watch:

Watch other exclusive videos from Park West Gallery at http://vimeo.com/parkwestgallery/videos.

Scott Jacobs Visits Alex Gockel’s Studio in Germany [Video]

What happens when two Park West Gallery artists collaborate? Scott Jacobs recently visited Alex Gockel‘s workshop in Lüdinghausen, Germany to try his hand at the ancient printmaking technique of etching. Watch:

Fine art by Scott Jacobs and Alex Gockel is available for purchase through Park West Gallery and its cruise art auctions at sea. Learn more at www.parkwestgallery.com.

Duaiv: A Life in Art and Music [Video]

“A Life in Art an Music” explores Duaiv’s background as both a professional artist and cello player. His relationships with famous artists such as Salvador Dali and musicians such as Yo Yo Ma, have shaped the way Duaiv portrays his artwork and his “happenings” — events that present art in fresh and exciting new ways. Growing up in France on the Mediterranean, he is able to draw from iconic memories of both land and sea, the very same scenes that have captivated artists for generations. Watch:

Fine art by Duaiv is available through Park West Gallery and our cruise art auctions at sea. Learn more at www.parkwestgallery.com.

“Dynamo: A Century of Light and Motion in Art,” Yaacov Agam at the Grand Palais

Yaacov Agam, “The Father of Kinetic Art,” is featured in a new exhibition at the famed Grand Palais, Paris. Learn more about Agam at Park West Gallery

Yaacov Agam "Constellation" (1956) © Adagp, Paris 2013DYNAMO: A CENTURY OF LIGHT AND MOTION IN ART, 1913-2013
April 10 – July 22, 2013

Grand Palais, Paris

Notions of space, vision and light run through the abstract art of the 20th century and interest many world renowned contemporary artists. By putting vibration along with the spectator’s perception in the center of their works, they set up multiple resonances with optical and kinetic art, which first emerged at the Movement exhibition in Denise René’s Paris gallery in 1955, but also, more broadly, with what was later called “perceptual art” at the exhibition “The Responsive Eye” at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1965.

In an unprecedented move, the whole of the Galeries nationales du Grand Palais, an area of about 3,700 square meters, has been made available for the exhibition, in order to present almost 150 artists, who contributed to the development of this approach over a hundred years or so. Outstanding among them are Anish Kapoor, Marcel Duchamp, Victor Vasarely, Alexander Calder and Yaacov Agam.

After an introduction that starts with the most recent work and goes back in time, the exhibition puts the emphasis on the dialogue between the various periods, seeking to show the continuity of these ideas and their complex interweaving. The two main parts – “Vision” and “Space” – are divided into sixteen subsections dealing with various aspects of phenomenal experience: immateriality, monochrome, interference, immersion, flickering, haziness, instability, distortion, the void, the invisible and permutation.

For exhibition details, please visit www.grandpalais.fr.

Fine art by Yaacov Agam is available through Park West Gallery and our cruise art auctions at sea. Learn more at www.parkwestgallery.com.

Park West Gallery Artist Sessions: The Studio

“An amazing place to be…” “It’s nirvana, it’s bliss…” “My place of refuge, it’s everything to me…” We asked various Park West Gallery artists to describe their studio spaces. Here’s what they said…

Watch more exclusive videos from Park West Gallery at http://vimeo.com/parkwestgallery/videos.

The Park West Gallery Spring Fine Art Sale

Park West Gallery Spring Sale 2013

The official start of spring isn’t until mid-March, but we’ve got an early start with the launch of the Park West Gallery Spring Fine Art Sale! A vast selection of fine art, sports memorabilia, Japanese woodcuts, animation and designer jewelry are available at exceptionally reduced prices, including your choice of custom framing, a Park West Gallery appraisal and free shipping to anywhere in the Continental U.S.

Hundreds of works from the world’s greatest artists are being featured, including Old and Modern Masters — Rembrandt van Rijn, Pablo Picasso, Francisco Goya and Marc Chagall — as well as contemporary artists — Peter Max, Yaacov Agam, Dominic Pangborn, Romero Britto, Linda Le Kinff, Marcus Glenn and Itzchak Tarkay. A variety of mediums are available, ranging from oil and acrylic paintings, watercolors and drawings, to hand-signed limited edition etchings, lithographs, serigraphs and hand-embellished graphic works.

Selections from the Park West Gallery Spring Fine Art Sale are also currently on exhibit at our Michigan gallery.

Park West Gallery is located at 29469 Northwestern Highway, Southfield, Michigan. Gallery hours: Monday–Friday 10am – 6pm; Saturday 11am – 6pm. Art consultants are ready to assist callers toll-free at (800)-521-9654 x 4 or via email to sales@parkwestgallery.com.

View the Spring Sale Collection online at sales.parkwestgallery.com.

Park West Gallery Artist Sessions: Inspiration

Where do your favorite Park West Gallery artists find inspiration? Which artists throughout history have inspired their works?

We asked, and they answered…

Watch more exclusive videos from Park West Gallery at http://vimeo.com/parkwestgallery/videos.