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From Science to Art: Park West Gallery CEO Albert Scaglione on WJIM 1240

Albert Scaglione, Park West GalleryEvery Wednesday at 9am, award-winning radio personality and renowned author Michael Patrick Shiels engages a panel of local business experts in a “round table” discussion designed to break down the hot topics and timely news stories of the week. On February 16, Park West Gallery CEO and founder Albert Scaglione joined Shiels as the guest of honor on  WJIM 1240AM’s Mid-Michigan Business Rap.

The esteemed panel spoke to Albert Scaglione all about the success of Park West Gallery and its popular cruise ship art auctions. He also discussed his humble beginnings in New Jersey and explained how he made the transition from his career as a NASA engineer to owning one of the most successful art galleries in the country. Don’t miss this fascinating interview!

Click the player below to listen to the podcast (Albert Scaglione’s interview begins at approximately 12:00):

Vote Park West Gallery ‘4 The Best’ in Detroit

Vote 4 the Best, Art Gallery in Detroit, Park West Gallery, cruise ship art auctions

There are only 3 days left until voting closes in the 2010 “4 The Best” contest, sponsored by WDIV Channel 4. Park West Gallery is currently in 1st place for BEST Art Gallery in Detroit, but every vote counts and we need your help to win!

Please visit wdiv.cityvoter.com/park-west-gallery/biz/50603 before Monday, September 6 to cast your vote for Park West Gallery!

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We would also like to extend a big thank you to all of the Park West Gallery customers, employees, friends and supporters who have voted for us thus far, and for the many compliments posted on the contest page, including:

› “Park West Galleries ROCKS supreme! Finally a gallery that has art that I actually want to look at! I discovered them on a cruise ship at sea, and it wasn’t until a few months ago I realized they are in our own back yard.” —Jack Black, 8/20/10

› “We have cruised on several different cruise lines and we always attend Parkwest Gallery Auctions. We have purchased several pieces of art from them.” —Mskramer, 7/26/10

› “I have purchased several paintings from Park West and have been extremely satisfied. These were not purchased for investments but simply because the quality of the art work, choices available and $ amount was a bargain. The pieces I chose were from auctions on cruise ships.” —Solo104g, 7/22/10

› “The Park West family has given my wife Peggy and me the experiences of a lifetime in the world of art. We have met and had personal dialog with many of the premiere artists of our time. Park West introduced us to the old masters by allowing us to view numerous works produced by their own hands. Most importantly, we were afforded the opportunity to actually purchase a number of these pieces to display in our own homes. For anyone whose interest in art ranges from curious to passionate, we recommend Park West for their knowledge as well as their vast selection of fine art created by the most talented artists of this and past generations.”
—fsasso, 7/21/10

› “I’ve done business with them several times over the years. They make collecting original art easy and fun. Their staff has always impressed me with their knowledge and love of art.”
—Ryan, 7/18/20

Best Art Gallery in Detroit, 4 The Best, Park West Gallery, cruise ship art auctions


An Art Collector’s Insightful View of Cruise Ship Art Auctions

When Park West Gallery learned of Cruise Ship Art Auctions, an article written by art collector Shasta Wilson following her recent cruise to Mexico, we were absolutely thrilled! In fact, we’re so appreciative of Shasta’s well-written piece that we’ve posted the following excerpt for you, our Park West Gallery blog readers: 

My personal experiences with onboard auctions have been great. Thanks to various resourceful dealers, including Werner and Amanda, my husband and I have made some great additions to our collection. All pieces were bought below standard prices (Disney serigraphs for $100!), and the framing is incredible. Onboard art reps truly have a passion for their work, and are a wealth of art history information. It’s recommended that everyone spend a few minutes in the art gallery during a cruise just to admire great works of art. You might end up walking away with something you fell in love with!”  Read the full article >>

Park West Gallery is ever so thankful to Shasta for sharing her insightful views about Park West’s art auctions at sea with all the millions of BellaOnline.com readers!

If you’ve had a positive experience at Park West art auctions at sea and would like to write a guest blog post, please email marketing@parkwestgallery.com


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Park West Gallery and Albert Scaglione Lit Our Art Collecting Spark (Customer Review)

If you’ve been traveling on the high seas lately, you may have seen or heard announcements for Park West cruise ship art auctions. As one of the largest art dealers in the world, Park West Gallery sells works of art through our galleries in Michigan and Florida as well as on cruise ships internationally. The next time you find yourself on a cruise vacation getaway, be sure browse the Park West Gallery Collection onboard and stop in for the auction!

Hi Travis (Cruise Art Auctioneer),

“We were delighted to be with you and the rest of the Park West staff from Sept. 30 to Oct. 10th. We had a great time…bought too much art…love each piece…as we only buy the pieces that speak to our hearts and move our souls, but where will we hang it all? Don’t worry…where there is a will, and room to hang up one more tier…there is a way!

We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of yet 12 more pieces to add to our collection that we started with Park West Gallery 35 years ago in Memphis, Tennessee when Albert Scaglione was the auctioneer, outstanding educator, check out person and even helped load our car! In all that time I don’t think we’ve had a better educational session as thorough, concise and enjoyable as you presented in your “History of Printmaking.” We also enjoyed your presentation by the delightful lady…I forget her name…on 30,000 years of art in 30 min which we later learned was your work.

When we were onboard, you said you would be happy to send me your outline or “cheat sheet” of both presentations, or even better if you have the presentations on a disc…I would love to have them to help our son and new daughter in law get to know our art and have an appreciation and love of art as we do.

They are newly married, as were we when Albert took us into the world of collecting and lit the spark and passion we have enjoyed all these years. Patrick of course grew up with art everywhere, even had Chagall wallpaper and a Picasso print in his nursery…but has always taken it for granted. Perhaps now that he will soon be starting to consider their needs for a home and the potential for art on the walls, I would like to give him the opportunity to be more knowledgeable about the finer aspects of collecting. I can not think of a finer instructor/mentor than you!

I do hope you will be able to help us with this request…just think of the young fertile minds you will be leading into what we hope will become a lifelong passion for art! Again, we so enjoyed meeting you and the others…what a great team you make. Everything appeared seamless and as though you were hardly working, but rather having fun along with the rest of us! We know how much effort y’all put in and appreciate every ounce of it!”

Nancy K.
Pine Ridge, Florida


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Park West Cruise Auctions at Sea Connect Art Collectors to Artists

Leslie Lew. Roping Around. 2009.“Dear Leslie:

Joanne and I enjoyed meeting you on the cruise last week and are very excited to have the opportunity to begin collecting your beautiful work.

We are looking forward to placing Mickey – Roping Around in a prominent place on the walls of our Tuxedo Park home and enjoying it for years to come.

We have been collectors of several Picasso, Chagall and Max pieces and now hope to begin adding Lew B’s. Since we are not far away, please let us know of any exhibitions that get scheduled.”

Russ V.
Tuxedo Park, New York


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Have you been to a Park West art auction at sea? Leave a comment & share your experience with us!


Park West Art Collector Impressed by Cruise Ship Auctioneer at Sea

Igor Medvedev. Shimmering. 2005.“I want to compliment our cruise art director, Michael. We have purchased on cruise ships in the past and have seen several directors. Michael is by far the best one we have encountered.

He is extremely knowledgeable about art and the artists. He has a passion for collecting and tries to share that passion with patrons. He has an intense energy during the auctions. The auctions were fun and entertaining.

Michael was great with art patrons. During the previews, I saw him moving through the crowd, able to talk at any level about the piece in question. I heard him make recommendations with sincerity and in line with the patrons’ interests, not just to make another sale. He treated everyone with the same respect and dedication whether buying thousands of dollars on multiple pieces or only hundreds on one piece.

The thing that makes him stand out, in my opinion, is that he is genuine and it shows. I hope next time I go on a cruise, he is the art director because I will definitely buy from him again.”

James B.
Lascassas, Tennessee


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Have you been to a Park West art auction at sea? Leave a comment & share your experience with us!


Looking Forward to the Next Park West Cruise Art Auction at Sea

Anatoly Metlan. L' Apres Midi. 2006.“Just a quick note to say how much we enjoyed Bruce’s auctions on our last cruise with Holland America. Bruce was most helpful and professional on each occasion that my wife and I dealt with him.

This was the second time we purchased art from Park West while at sea – we really look forward to the art auctions. It has been a pleasure to deal with Bruce and I am sure on our next cruise we will again be attending auctions and adding to our collection through your many wonderful works of art.”

Phil S.
St. John’s, Newfoundland


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Have you been to a Park West art auction at sea? Leave a comment & share your experience with us!


Hooked on Park West Art Auctions at Sea

Romero Britto. Atlantic Romance. 2007.

“I wish to pay a compliment to Jacqueline, Damien, and Gustov for their awesome assistance during my cruise this past week. I have never attended an ‘art’ sales show, nor an auction. They were most helpful at every step of the way!

I am looking forward to the arrival of my art pieces, and then to admiring them on the walls!! Please let them know how much I appreciate their help! One day, I will own a MAX…they have us hooked!!

Carla & Candace H. (mother/daughter duo!),

Seminole, Florida

P.S. Mother is also hooked on auctions, and cannot wait to cruise again!! 🙂 Great Job!!!”


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Have you been to a Park West art auction at sea? Leave a comment & share your experience with us!