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Park West Gallery Art and Artist News, ISSUE 15: NOVEMBER 2009

Attention Park West Gallery Newsletter fans,
ISSUE 15: NOVEMBER 2009 is here!

Issue 15 features include:

  • Park West Gallery, November newsletterPark West Gallery CEO Talks Da Vinci with WJR
  • Decoding the Durer in Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol 
  • Simon Bull Salutes “The Champ” at the Facing Ali Movie Premier
  • Lucas & Spielberg Rockwell Collections to Go On View
  • Agam Interview: Eating from the Tree of Knowledge
  • An Interview with the Artistic Director of the Museo Picasso


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Decoding the Durer in Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol

Albrecht Dürer – the famed German draftsman, painter and writer – is best known for his exquisite, intricate woodcuts and engravings. Dürer’s name is included among art history’s Old Masters, and he continues to earn renown for his innovative, skillfully-executed works. Park West Gallery Artist Bios >>

Albrecht Durer. Melencolia I (detail). ca 1514.

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA / (StarTribune.com) — If you’re curious about that Albrecht Dürer print that pops up on page 263 in The Lost Symbol, Dan Brown’s latest bestseller, you can hop over to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and find it hanging in Gallery 316.

Tom Rassieur, the museum’s print curator, said he hasn’t yet read the book but got a tip that Dürer’s 1514 image Melencolia I plays a role in the plot, so he got it out of storage and hung it.

“Durer is easily among the greatest artists of all time and a real favorite of mine,” said Rassieur. “That print is rife with symbols but I think it’s also a psychological self-portrait that expresses the frustration of a creative genius…”

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