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Where Have All “The Soft Watches” Gone? Salvador Dali’s New Art App

Screenshot of “The Soft Watches” game available for iPhone and iPod Touch.

While it’s not easy to “make it” as a best-selling anything, contemporary artists like Peter Max, Thomas Kinkade and Romero Britto have become household names and their signature styles are easily recognizable. Perhaps these artists can thank master Salvador Dali for paving the way, as the late Spanish artist certainly understood how to use his eccentric personality to market himself as an artist.

Even in his absence, Dali continues to occasionally capture media attention and he’s apparently keeping up with technology as well – a Dali-based app called The Soft Watches is now available for the iPhone/iPod Touch.

Recently, Park West Gallery posted the announcement that two new apps by Peter Max are available for the iPhone/iPod Touch. We think Dali would be pleased to know that his artwork was also translated into a new app based on his most well-known painting The Persistence of Memory (1931).

In The Soft Watches game, the clocks have all disappeared from The Persistence of Memory and are hidden amongst other famous Dali paintings. Users must fly through and explore enlarged versions of the other surreal Dali works to find the missing timepieces.

Commissioned by the Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí, Barcelona Multimedia produced The Soft Watches, the first art game for iPhone/iPod Touch in Europe. The Soft Watches app is free, approved for all ages and available for download at the iTunes store.


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The Art of Peter Max – There’s an App for That!

Park West Gallery has enjoyed a relationship with Peter Max since the 1970s, and is the artist’s largest and longest-running dealer in the world.

Screenshots from the new Peter Max Cosmic Apps available on iPhone and iPod Touch

Cosmic Apps by Peter Max! Max’s Cosmic Art and Dazzling Colors Are Now Available on Apple iPhone and iPod Touch

SAN JOSE, Calif. /Business Wire/ — Legendary artist Peter Max has always been at the forefront of art media. His posters, magazine covers, and art products have captured the imagination of several generations. Now, the artist is releasing two apps that consumers can download at the iTunes AppStore — developed by MobileAppWorks.

“The Peter Max Birthdays” offers dazzling, multi-colored, unique images for each day of the calendar year, no two alike. A Peter Max calendar will allow users to select and send these unique eCards for birthdays, wedding anniversaries, graduations, invitations to events, and other date-specific occasions.

“The Peter Max eCard Gallery” offers 20 Max eCards with the artist’s iconic imagery, such as “Cosmic Jumpers,” “Sages,” “Angels,” “Zen Boats,” and “Stars & Planets.” App users can customize them for birthdays, invitations, anniversaries, holidays, and other special occasions.

“I have always loved to share my art and visions with many people — at museum shows, on posters, on a giant Woodstock stage and even on a Continental super jet,” said Max. “Now, thanks to Apple and MobileAppWorks, my art will be able to reach people on an even more personal level — on their iPhones and iPod touches.”

Chris Stocker, MobileAppWorks CEO, agrees. “This is a project I’m especially pleased with. Peter is one of the most beloved artists alive today. The whimsical spirit of his work helped define the ideals of a generation — ideals of peace, understanding and tolerance that still resonate strongly today. I wanted to help Peter continue spreading his inspirational message through mobile technology.”


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