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The Evolution of Printmaking from Masters to Modern Artists

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If you were to survey the Park West Gallery Collection, among other media, you’d find many works of art categorized as various types prints – lithographs, serigraphs, etchings, engravings and giclees – for example. The printmaking medium is often misunderstood or unfortunately dismissed as an inferior method of producing artwork. The truth is, printmaking fosters a unique method of artistic expression and provides great advantages to an artist in terms of being able to easily produce and distribute their original works to the masses. 

During the Renaissance, printmakers created woodcuts, engravings and etchings after notable paintings (Read about The Art of Etching at the Park West Gallery | Rembrandt website). Artists began altering compositions and creating prints after their own works and throughout modern art history, masters including Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse, embraced and advanced printmaking techniques. Contemporary artists of today are continuing to develop the field using advanced technology and processes.

Art historian, author, and art critic Joseph Jacobs writes of contemporary artist Itzchak Tarkay‘s use of printmaking:

“Because they are multiples as opposed to unique works of art, prints, quite mistakenly, are often considered a secondary medium. But in Tarkay’s hands it is clear they are not. One look at a work such as In the Lounge, and it can be immediately seen that the artist has a powerful affinity for the physicality of the printer’s ink that virtually transforms this silkscreen into a painting. We can see and feel the three-dimensionality of the ink; it is rich and unctuous, like oil paint. We would hardly know that the pigment was squeezed onto the paper through a fine screen as opposed to being applied with a brush.

Tarkay’s prints are testimony to the extraordinary technical richness of printmaking and the degree to which it can be transformed into a medium of great personal expression. The artist has turned printer’s ink into oil paint, varnish, glazes, watercolor, wash, gouache, graphite, pen and ink, brush and ink, crayon and charcoal. The artist’s touch is so prominent, it is hard to believe that for any print there could be another example that is even similar in appearance.”

(Read the full essay at the Park West Gallery | Tarkay website)

In the Footsteps of Masters: The Evolution of the Reproductive Print, a new exhibit at the Figge Art Museum in Davenport, Iowa, examines the role of printmaking in the development of visual culture. Open through May 23, the exhibition covers a span of 500 years, featuring approximately 80 European and American prints from the 15th to the 20th century.

On view are original prints by artists Albrecht Dürer, Jusepe De Ribera, Edouard Manet, Jean-Baptiste Corot, Jean-Honoré Fragonard, William Blake, Francisco Goya and Grant Wood, and others made after the works of famous masters such as Raphael, Peter Paul Rubens, Annibale Caracci, Rembrandt, Jan Vermeer, Jan Van Eyck, Titian, Michelangelo and others.

For more information on this exhibit, please visit www.art-dma.org


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Print Club of Albany Exhibits Park West Art Donation at Fulton Street Gallery

Print Club of AlbanyNewswireToday/ Southfield, Mich./ May 29, 2009/ — The Print Club of Albany will be exhibiting artwork donated by Albert Scaglione, founder and CEO of Park West Gallery, and Marc Scaglione, President of Park West. The Park West Donation Exhibition will be on display from Wednesday, May 27 through June 20 at Fulton Street Gallery in Troy, New York. Thousands of works of art have been donated to the Print Club of Albany by the Scagliones, and this is the first time that these works have been exhibited.

The exhibition will include artwork by Yaacov Agam, Arkady Ostritsky, Emile Bellet, Fanch Ledan, Anatole Krasnyansky, Linda Le Kinff, Igor Medvedev, Marcel Mouly, Peter Nixon, Jean-Claude Picot, Victor Spahn, Itzchak Tarkay and Tomasz Rut, among others.

This will be a great opportunity to view works by many popular artists in one location,” said Charles Semovitch, Curator of the Print Club of Albany. “We are grateful to the Scaglione family for making these works available.”

Exhibit hours are Wednesday through Saturday noon – 4pm with additional hours on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 6pm – 8pm. The opening reception will be held as part of Troy Night Out on Friday, May 29 from 5pm – 9pm.

About The Print Club of Albany
The Print Club of Albany, a 510(c) 3 non-profit organization, was founded in 1933. It is one of the most important print organizations in the United States. Many of America’s foremost printmakers and artists have been associated with the Club. Its mission is to encourage the study and appreciation of prints as fine arts. The Club sponsors programs such as lectures and holds exhibitions; it has a large and important collection that is used for study and exhibitions. The Club commissions a print each year from a nationally recognized artist and distributes this print to its members. The Print Club of Albany’s membership of both collectors and artists is international.


Park West VIP Guests Enjoy Their Latest Cruise

Dear Park West Gallery:

Words can not express how happy we are, make that ecstatic, over our recent experience with the Park West Gallery VIP Cruise you gifted us with!

First of all, we felt like kings and queens during the entire time we spent with your staff! From the Hyatt Hotel and the Italian dinner to the balcony stateroom aboard the Explorer, to the excursion to St. John, to the pre-parties and the auctions themselves, all the way to the processing through customs and delivery to our final destination, we could not have experienced better planning and efficiency. Every detail was thought out and provided for.

Even though the ship was beautiful and the islands a treat to see, the highlight of the entire experience was spending time with your intelligent, knowledgeable, well trained staff during the auctions and lectures. This was the highlight of our day and what we looked forward to every day!

Chris was an excellent auctioneer and educator. He brought in-depth knowledge to each and every presentation and delivered it with great style. The hours flew by listening to him and we were ready to stay and listen some more!

Simon always seemed to have things under control and was always patient and willing to help us, both with information about the artwork in the gallery and the art world in general.

Adam and Sebelle had unlimited energy and social skills right along with their great knowledge of each and every artist and their work. They had the ability to educate us about every piece we asked about and take it one step above the norm. They never pressured us to buy; they just shared every aspect about a piece so we could make informed choices. Even when we were not actively participating in the auction they had a smile, a greeting or a pat on the back for us. We felt that they really cared that we learn about art, acquire what was best for our collection, and have a wonderful time doing it.

Rebecca was the dynamo behind the scenes. She was always willing to discuss financing and payment options with us and always made us feel welcome, even if she had other things to see to. We smile over our favorite interaction with her when the bus driver at the end of the cruise told us we couldn’t get on the bus and she took charge and handled the situation in the true spirit of a bulldog, and all with a smile on her face.

The collection of art on board was outstanding! There was something for every taste and budget. Our dream was to purchase our first signed Picasso, which we accomplished. Not only are we now the caretakers of this fine work, but we have the entire history and background of its creation thanks to Chris, Adam and Sebelle. We purchased beautiful surprises also and can hardly wait until we have our gorgeous Mouly oil, our lovely Tarkay watercolor and our whimsical Markos acrylic all hanging in our home.

Thank you so much Jin for the invitation to be a part of this outstanding experience! We both feel this was the very best vacation we have ever taken together. Our travel companions were all friendly and had similar interests and provided lovely dinner company. We now have 50 new ‘best friends’ as well as terrific memories and gorgeous art.

Thank you all for ten days we will never forget!

Very sincerely,

Alan & Victoria
Tacoma, Washington


Park West Gallery Launches New Artist Sites

Features Fine Art from Gockel, Kinkade, Le Kinff,
Tarkay and Krasnyansky

Park West Gallery Artists

United States of America (Press Release) April 3, 2009 — Park West Gallery launches new web sites for acclaimed artists Alfred Gockel, Thomas Kinkade, Linda Le Kinff, Anatole Krasnyansky and Itzchak Tarkay. The sites feature information on the artists, virtual galleries of their work, videos of artist interviews and selections from the Park West Collection by each artist.

Through these new sites, Park West Gallery makes these collections viewable worldwide and continues its mission of bringing fine art to people everywhere.

“We have designed these sites as simple, straight-forward profiles of the artists and their works,” said Park West Gallery Director Morris Shapiro. “These new sites complement the Park West Gallery site, and extend the reach of each artist’s imagery worldwide.”

Leveraging the broad reach of the internet, Park West strives to make fine art available to more collectors and lovers of art everywhere. Park West’s other outreach initiatives include donation of artwork to universities, non-profit art auctions, fine art auctions aboard cruise ships and support of youth-based charitable causes.

New Artist Sites:


Passover: A Time to Reflect

Partly Star I by Yaacov Agam

Partly Star I by Yaacov Agam

With Passover starting tonight at sundown, it is a natural time to reflect on how Jewish artists are making an impact on the art world, and Park West Gallery is proud to offer works from two of the most well known Jewish artists of our time: Yaacov Agam and Itzchak Tarkay.

Agam, best known for his contributions to optical and kinetic art, created his own type of print called an Agamograph. Agamographs rely on lenticular printing which allows for significantly different images to be seen depending on the angle from which the works are viewed. Recently Agam finished a sculpture entitled, “Peaceful Communication with the World” which is an exploration of how art exists and can interact with time. This sculpture graces the entrance of a new stadium built in Kaohsiung, Taiwan for the 2009 World Games. Also, Agam is the only Israeli artist included in H. H. Arnason’s “History of Modern Art” and in the “Dictionary of Art and Artists,” edited by Sir David Piper. While his artwork deals with a variety of themes, Agam continues to create several works of art that reflect his religious upbringing and Jewish faith.

Tarkay has consistently been recognized as a leader of the new generation of figurative artists with his unique depiction of the female form becoming iconic. After various exhibitions of his work in Israel and around the world, Tarkay was featured at the International Art Expo in New York for works in several forms of media such as oil, acrylic, and watercolor. Additionally, numerous hardcover books containing images of Tarkay’s works and information about the artist himself have been published over the years.

Agam, Tarkay, and all of the Park West Gallery artists strive to create breathtaking works of art, and these works often brighten the lives of those who see them. Passover, like so many important holidays, gives people a chance to reflect and spend time appreciating the beautiful things that come into their lives, and for some this may just include fine artwork.


Park West Gallery Spring Sale: Ideal for All Your Spring Gift-Giving Needs

Park West Gallery Spring Sale

Fine art and jewelry treasures make perfect birthday, Mother’s Day and graduation gifts

SOUTHFIELD, MI, March 19, 2009 — Plan a spring outing to the elegant Park West Gallery. Tour 3-1/2 acres of beautiful galleries and gardens while shopping for unique birthday, Mother’s Day and graduation gifts.

From now through May 15th, more than 250 works will be on display from some of the world’s greatest artists including Rembrandt, Picasso, Linda Le Kinff, Marcel Mouly, Goya, Simon Bull, Dali, Marcus Glenn, and Itzchak Tarkay. Customers can find the perfect gift in Park West’s outstanding collection, which features paintings, jewelry and even autographed sports memorabilia. In honor of Park West’s 40th anniversary, some prices will be reduced by as much as 40 percent.

Sale hours: Monday-Wednesday 10 am – 6 pm | Thursday, Friday 10 am – 7 pm | Saturday 11 am – 6 pm. Sale items are also featured on the web at the Park West Seasonal Sale.

Park West Gallery is located at 29469 Northwestern Highway, Southfield.


Comments from a Park West Gallery VIP Customer

On Friday, Febuary 27, Park West Gallery received a fantastic comment from one of our VIP customers on a Customer Corner blog posting. The message was so heartfelt and appreciated that we are reposting it in full as follows. Thank you Patrick & Diane!

To whom it may concern,

My wife and I recently returned from our first VIP Cruise/auction at sea on the Carnival Miracle out of Port Everglades on Feb. 1–9, 2009. We have to admit, when Samantha first contacted us, we were very skeptical about the invitation. We had been to a VIP land auction at your Miami Lakes Gallery before but this invitation was very different with its offer of an 8-day cruise. After many question filled e-mails and phone calls to Samantha (sorry about that), we accepted the invitation.

Of course our first thought was of our past “time share” sales horror experiences. Boy were we ever wrong in thinking that. We ended up having the time of our lives meeting other people who shared our love for art and cruising to exotic places. But I think most of all we enjoyed the company of your fine Park West staff, seeing works of art we had never seen before, and meeting the special artists who sailed with us.

Getting to meet Simon Bull, Dominic Pangborn and Tim Rogerson was one of the coolest and most special things that we have ever experienced. Not only did we get to see some of their fantastic works of art but also we got to talk with them, hang out around the ship with them and watch them paint. What a thrill for all in attendance.

You don’t usually get to speak with an artist and find out what goes through their minds when they paint or what inspired them to create the beautiful works of art we got to see. Too many times, all we know about an artist is what we read in an art books or hear about in secondhand stories. Oh to have been given the opportunity such as this to speak with the likes of Rembrandt, Picasso, Mouly, Miro or Dali in such a fashion when they were alive. Each of our artists was very different in their approach to creating art but they all had the love of creating and appreciating it in common. That was the common thread for all of us in attendance. Truly an amazing experience.

We would especially like to thank our wonderful hosts for the trip as well. Chris, Samantha, Katherine and Rebecca went out of their way each day to make sure all of our needs were taken care of. Each of them had their own insight and knowledge regarding different art and artists and were always available to answer any of our questions. It was a difficult task to keep track of our group as we all had different needs and questions. They all handled a very stressful situation in a calm and professional manner. But the most important part of the whole experience was the fun factor, which was met every single day.

This was our second but most in-depth time spent with Chris. We were lightly exposed to his wit and knowledge at the Miami Lakes event. From the very first meet and greet at the hotel before the cruise, we knew we were in for a treat. Chris has the ability to make you think, ask questions, look at art and artists differently then you thought possible and most importantly, enable you to have a good time. Who could have guessed you could find Homer Simpson in a Tarkay original. If you haven’t seen Chris’s demonstration, ask him to show you.

It was very refreshing to see the Park West group during off hours (if they had any) around the ship as well. There was no talk of art (unless you wanted to) but pleasant, get to know you conversations and talk of other topics and experiences. We went from strangers to friends in a short period of time.

Learning can be fun if you listen and ask questions. Our Guru Art Guide, Chris, was more masterful than mystical in opening our eyes to appreciate the art world around us. The array of different art brought on board for the VIP auction was outstanding. We knew most of the artists but had never seen or knew of the existence of many of the works. For the first time we realized we were now collectors and not just buyers of art.

Again, Chris and his staff were there to answer any of our questions during the auctions. They all had the ability to advise us and guide us in our choice of art to collect. What was most satisfying to us was to hear all of them remind us many times to “collect artwork you like”. That is the key to the whole thing for us.

Our tastes are all over the spectrum as far as styles and artists. Attending the evening lectures on different artists’, styles, techniques and history really changed our opinion on art we would never have thought of adding to our collection. We have come to learn from past “regular” auctions to have open minds and not go with a shopping list of things we “need” to get at your events.

Over the years of buying art, we don’t think there is an item in our house we haven’t enjoyed looking at each day. It’s a pleasure to hear that philosophy being presented to us by your company even at the VIP level. We have decided it’s time to take our art collection to new levels so we will be exchanging some of our older art so we can add to our gallery of new fine art works. We hope they will find good homes and be with people who can take the same journey as we are on.

We are excited to receive our new artwork in the coming months. Again we thank Park West, Chris, Samantha, Katherine, Rebecca and everyone else we didn’t meet who helped make this a wonderful and memorable trip.


Patrick & Diane A.
Plantation, Florida


Dear Park West Gallery

We love to read all of the positive letters from our customers and we’re very happy to publish a handful of our recent favorites. Park West Gallery would love to hear from you too!



We were on a cruise – Rhapsody of the Seas, Royal Caribbean line – sailing from Sydney. Nicole was our auctioneer. We found her extremely helpful, very pleasant and knowledgeable on the artworks. We appreciated her help in selecting the artworks we purchased and in making sense of the many choices.

We are looking forward to receiving our Charles Lee Violin and Cello Duet.


Stephen and Carol S.


Just talked to Tabatha…Truly amazing customer service and just one of the reasons I love Park West!

Susan and Chuck M.
Palmdale, California


I am addressing this email to Albert but want everyone to know the quality of people on the ships. I have been buying from Park West for several years now. In meeting Ansophie and Shaun I must say they are the most pleasant and caring people that I have met on the ships. They truly made you feel cared for and taught me many things. I wish everyone was like the ex-teacher Ansophie, her methods were wonderful. I am in business myself and when your people chose this fine pair you did good. I believe I will have a wonderful relationship with Park West Gallery from here on out and it is thanks to the wonderful couple on the NCL Star in 2008.

Warmest Regards,

Joanie S.
Magnolia, Texas


First off, we would like to thank Park West for the kind invitation to be a part of the Mexican Riviera cruise in December in celebration of the Gallery’s 40th anniversary. What an amazing even it was with not only Anatole Krasnyansky but also Itzchak Tarkay as well.

Ann Marie, Tim, Tom, Laura and Jason did an exceptional job of making everyone of us feel at home while attending to our every need. Simply put, they went all out and the event could not have been any better.

What an additional surprise it was to have David Najar and his landscapes there as well. It was a breathtaking experience.

We were truly honored to have so much time with one of our favorite artists, Anatole Krasnyansky. Never in our wildest dreams could we have imagined that we would have had the opportunity to have dinner with Mr. Krasnyansky. Mr. Krasnyansky and his wonderful wife, Nelya were always at the auctions and their joyous spirit always filled the room. After speaking personally to and getting the advice of Mr. Krasnyansky, we decided to bid on The Toreador. Being lucky enough to win the bidding, this beautiful piece will now grace the walls of our home.

Not only are the works of Mr. Krasnyansky fascinating and moving to those who have the honor to own any of his pieces, his personal story is poignant and motivational in its scope and depth. Simply put, he is an inspiration to those both inside and outside of the art community.

Larry and Carmen W.
St. Louis, Missouri


We just wanted to thank Park West for the great time we had on the Carnival Miracle. We really had a marvelous time. The hospitality that everybody showed was outstanding and the art education we received was second to none. Please pass our thanks on to the management at Park West and tell them they have a superb crew working for them. We look forward to the next time we get to be with all of you and have as much fun.

Here’s wishing everyone a Happy Holiday season and a prosperous New Year.

Tim O. and Mary J.
Stanchfield, Minnesota