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Park West Gallery on Cataloging Le Kinff’s Graphic Editions

Linda Le Kinff, Morris Shapiro, Park West GalleryLinda Le Kinff signing an edition of her graphic works at Park West Gallery.

In this exclusive video, Morris Shapiro of Park West Gallery speaks with contemporary French artist Linda Le Kinff about her graphic works, and her involvement using the printing processes of serigraphy and lithography. The artist also discusses the importance of her art editions that are distributed exclusively through Park West Gallery.

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Watch more artist videos at the Park West Gallery YouTube Channel


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Happy 116th Birthday Norman Rockwell!

“I’m not going to be caught around here for any fool celebration. To hell with birthdays!” —Norman Rockwell (Feb. 3, 1894 – Nov. 8, 1978)

Norman Rockwell, Google doodle, Park West GalleryToday’s Google doodle celebrates Norman Rockwell’s birthday

Happy Birthday Norman Rockwell!! To honor the most popular and well-known American artist of all time, today’s Google doodle incorporates an illustration by Norman Rockwell entitled Little Spooners. The popular painting appeared on the front cover of the Saturday Evening Post on April 24, 1926.

Not long ago, Park West Gallery Director, Morris Shapiro, wrote an original essay Experiencing Rockwell, offering his thoughts on the artist. In part:

Norman Rockwell produced over 4,000 works of art in his lifetime, a lifetime that he devoted to unfailing artistic discipline and committed to sharing his view of our world with an emphasis on humankind’s higher morals and enduring values. His messages of family, equality, freedom, tolerance, and even human shortcomings touched more Americans than any other artist with our shared heritage. His contributions to the American spirit during World War II are legendary, particularly in the way that he focused not so much on our soldiers fighting abroad but on the heroism and bravery of the everyday people who remained at home.

From my own experience, it has been an honor to work with Curtis Publishing, the owners of the intellectual rights to Rockwell’s Saturday Evening Post imagery, and the Norman Rockwell Licensing Company, managed by the artist’s family, in the development of limited edition prints created exclusively for Park West Gallery clients. More recently, these works have been realized as hand-drawn lithographs created at the same studio French artist Marcel Mouly used for the creation of his lithographs.

I’ve also had the pleasure of offering original Rockwell drawings and seeing several of them collected. It is truly a thrill for an art dealer to be a part of the joy experienced by someone who has the rare opportunity to acquire something of this kind of rarity and historic importance. Through this process and in viewing so many of his works, I have gained a deeper appreciation for Rockwell’s art…” Read More >>

For more information about the Park West Gallery Norman Rockwell Collection, please email sales@parkwestgallery.com or call 800-521-9654 x 4.
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Norman Rockwell: Fact and Fiction at the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art

Park West Gallery, through our association with the Norman Rockwell Licensing Company (the estate of the artist) and Curtis Publishing (owner of the copyrights of the Saturday Evening Post artwork), has been able in recent years to bring new and exceptional collecting opportunities for Norman Rockwell artworks to enthusiastic collectors. 
Contact a Park West Gallery sales associate for more info >>

Norman Rockwell. Election Day. 1944.

CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA — The Cedar Rapids Museum of Art (CRMA) is pleased to present Norman Rockwell: Fact & Fiction. In 2007, the citizens of Cedar Rapids rallied together to purchase a series of watercolors destined for the auction block in New York. These five watercolors, by acclaimed 20th century American artist Norman Rockwell, depicted scenes associated with an election day and were created specifically for the November 4, 1944 issue of the Saturday Evening Post.

To complete the Post commission, Rockwell traveled to a quintessential Midwestern town, Cedar Rapids, to study local citizens as models for his series of images. In the 65 years since his visit, numerous anecdotes and stories have arisen about the artist’s time in Cedar Rapids and the creation of this work.

This exhibition uses these five, newly conserved and restored watercolors, an oil painting from the Norman Rockwell Museum, along with numerous photographs taken by local photographer Wes Panek for Rockwell, to investigate the many facts and fictions associated with Rockwell’s visit and this set of watercolors.

Norman Rockwell: Fact & Fiction will be on display through January 3, 2010.

For more information about this exhibit, visit www.crma.org


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