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Take a look inside Marcus Glenn’s studio

Peek inside the 2014 Official Grammy artist’s Detroit studio and take a closer look in the space where Marcus Glenn’s work comes to life.

Examining Marcus Glenn’s epic portrait

Marcus Glenn Detroit

To celebrate his first show in his hometown in nearly 20 years, artist Marcus Glenn challenged himself by creating one of his largest works of art to date.

In honor of Park West Gallery’s “Detroit’s Finest” three-part exhibition series featuring Detroit artists, of which Glenn is the first, Glenn has stunned collectors with a massive work that is on display and available to collect.

Glenn considers himself a figurative abstract artist, and his medium of choice is actually a mix of paints, fabrics and other materials on wood panels. He has dubbed this style “Flat Life,” as the works are two-dimensional but pop with texture and color.

Glenn utilized this colorful style to create a unique 7-foot by 4-foot work, “Accurate Knowledge is Better than Imagination,” a wondrous self-portrait that sheds light on the artist’s soul. The title is a reversal of Albert Einstein’s quote, “imagination is more important than knowledge.”

“If we gain accurate knowledge, we can open our minds to great imagination,” Glenn explains.

Marcus Glenn Detroit

Like the painting’s title suggests, the more knowledge one has of it, the better one can understand it. Glenn depicts himself in his studio, standing next to an easel displaying the official artwork hecreated for the 56th Annual Grammy Awards. He says this represents one of the biggest moments in his career.

“At the time, I was going to entitle the piece ‘A Brush with Success,’ and that’s why I put my Grammy piece [in it],” he says. “It’s sitting in the center on the easel in my studio.”

Glenn, a left-handed artist, portrays a brush in his right hand and a Bible in his left. He says by placing the holy book in his dominant hand, he shows the significance it has in his life.

“I peer into God’s word, and it’s like a formula for life,” he says. “That is the most important aspect.”

Marcus Glenn Detroit

Glenn’s love for his family is apparent when examining the artwork. Propped against the easel’s legs is a framed painting of his wife, Yolanda. A cloth on the floor next to a painter’s palette comes from a dress his mother owned, alluding to her role in supporting his passion for art.

Yolanda’s mother, who passed away recently, is represented by using pants from her wardrobe used as Glenn’s pants in the painting, while Glenn’s green shirt is his son’s, who helps in the studio. One can even find little bees in the work representing Glenn’s four daughters.

“When you look at this, it’s a lot of emotion,” he says.

Marcus Glenn Detroit

Like many of Glenn’s works, multi-colored floorboards provide the foundation for the characters. The various colors represent “the palette of God,” and as Glenn says, God is love.

“You begin to see these slats, which for me it’s the foundation of my heart, which is love,” he says. “Once we as the human race master love, the world will truly be a better place.”

Like most of Glenn’s “Flat Life” artwork, seeing it in person is the best way to fully appreciate the textures and materials he incorporated in the 46 new works he created. Glenn’s exhibition will be on display for a limited time from June 28 to July 12.

Marcus Glenn the Grammy Artist

Marcus Glenn Grammy Detroit

Marcus and Yolanda Glenn at the Grammy Museum.

Imagine receiving a phone call from the officials who run the Grammy Awards – music’s biggest night – telling you that you’re the official artist for their upcoming show.

For Marcus Glenn, the first of three artists featured in the “Detroit’s Finest” series of Park West Gallery exhibitions this summer, he doesn’t have to imagine – he lived it!

On December 17, 2013, the Recording Academy selected the Detroit native to create the official artwork for the 56th Annual Grammy Awards. The ceremony was held January 26, 2014, in Los Angeles. Now, over a year later, Glenn humbly – but fondly – recalls the experience and the impact it had on his artwork.

“The Grammys want you to represent music’s biggest night, so for me it was a big honor and truly an exciting moment in my career as a professional artist,” he says.

Glenn says the only limitation he had in creating the official artwork was that he had to use the iconic gramophone. Glenn’s artwork, “One Nite Outta This World,” is an acrylic on wood mixed media that depicts the Grammy’s gramophone floating in space, surrounded by planets and blasting colorful sounds.

A floating piano keyboard, peppered with colorful keys, twists and turns like a ribbon until the keys break away. Glenn says the keys represent music no longer belonging to a musician, and entering the universe to impact those that hear it.

Marcus Glenn Grammy Detroit

Marcus Glenn’s “One Nite Outta This World” was the official artwork for the 56th Annual Grammy Awards.

The artwork was featured on posters, tickets, T-shirts and other official materials for the event, including the programs carried around by attendees.

“We got to California, and the image was plastered everywhere,” he says. “I really started feeling like a star.”

Park West Gallery CEO and Founder Albert Scaglione and his wife, Mitsie, had the pleasure of attending the awards show with Glenn and his wife, Yolanda. Albert remarked that the selection of a musically-inspired artist like Glenn was perfect for the Grammy awards.

“It’s an exciting opportunity for Marcus and is yet another example of the depth of talent that’s right here in Detroit,” he said.

Glenn says he had some competition for the Grammy art in the form of The Beatles. He says the famous band wanted the Grammy cover because it was their 50th anniversary of being introduced to the American market, and he actually had the chance to talk with Ringo Starr about it at the event.

He says at first, Starr was grim about it, saying they had wanted the cover and that Glenn had “beat” them, but admitted to Glenn that they liked his artwork.

“That was a great experience for me to have my little battle with the Beatles,” Glenn says with a laugh.

As the official artist, Glenn was invited to celebrate at a Grammy event as well as attend the award show. The Glenns attended in style – to honor the occasion, Glenn made a custom purse featuring his artwork for Yolanda to carry as they made their way down the red carpet.

Marcus Glenn Grammy Detroit

Nite the Carpet was Red” (2014), Marcus Glenn. From the 56th Grammy Awards Series.

Attending such a spectacular event is bound to leave an impression, and Glenn was no exception. Glenn created his “Grammy 2014 series,” including “Key Steps to the Grammys” and “The Nite the Stars Felt Closer” based on his experiences.

“I was inspired to do pieces that reflect on the moment of just being on the red carpet and the whole experience,” Glenn says. “I had to come down off that natural high.”

Michigan was more than happy to celebrate alongside Glenn, from interviews with Detroit media outlets to recognition from local dignitaries. Representatives such as Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson, Southfield Mayor Brenda Lawrence and Southfield City Council President Sylvia Jordan commended Glenn for his accomplishments. Glenn was even invited to throw the opening pitch at a Detroit Tigers game.

Park West Gallery announces 3-part Detroit exhibition with Marcus Glenn

Marcus Glenn

Park West Gallery, the host of fine art auctions on cruise ships, live art auctions in major metropolitan areas and via art gallery locations in Detroit and Miami Lakes, Florida, will showcase the art of Detroit artist Marcus Glenn.

Park West Gallery presents the first in its three-part exhibition, “Detroit’s Finest,” from June 28 to July 12 at its Southfield, Michigan location. A free opening reception with Glenn will be held 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. on June 28.

Glenn, a Detroit native, became the first African-American and youngest cartoonist in the “Detroit News” with his comic strip, “Double Trouble.” Glenn was commissioned by Daimler-Chrysler to create a mural, and has a painting in the permanent collection of the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History in Detroit.

Glenn’s artwork, “One Nite Outta This World,” was chosen as the official art for the 56th Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. Glenn also served as the official artist of the 2014 Amelia Island Jazz Festival.

“After traveling the world with Park West Gallery for almost 20 years, it’s exciting to have an opening here in my hometown,” says Glenn.

Glenn is known for combining painting and sculpture in a bas-relief effect he calls “Flat Life.” His use of bright colors, paper and fabric create textured works of art that resemble collages. Much of his imagery is drawn from his love of jazz music and creating a connection between art and the viewer.

“Glenn’s three-dimensional, musically themed works are a feast for the senses,” says David Gorman, Gallery Director for Park West Gallery. “One can almost hear the improvisational jazz composition reverberating off the surface.”

The Glenn exhibition will be the first of three featuring Park West Detroit artists. An exhibition featuring Tim Yanke will open July 12, and on July 26, Park West will showcase Dominic Pangborn. Refreshments will be served at each opening. Attendees are encouraged to RSVP.

Admission is free to the public. Gallery hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sundays. For more information, call 248-354-2343 or visit www.parkwestgallery.com.

Park West Gallery in Detroit connects artists to fine art aficionados via land and sea art auctions by creating an entertaining, educational and welcoming environment that ignites a passion for the arts.

In the Artist’s Studio: Marcus Glenn [Video]

Join Park West Gallery as we visit contemporary figurative artist Marcus Glenn in his studio in the historic Corktown neighborhood of Detroit, Michigan. He was raised by a father who loved jazz and a mother who was herself a painter, both of whom continue to profoundly influence his life and artistic style. Glenn discusses his techniques, inspirations and the studio environment where he creates his unique works of art.

Fine art by Marcus Glenn is available for purchase through Park West Gallery and its cruise art auctions at sea. Learn more at www.parkwest-glenn.com.

Watch other exclusive videos from Park West Gallery at http://vimeo.com/parkwestgallery/videos.

The Michigan Chronicle Profiles ‘Flat Life’ Artist Marcus Glenn

The Michigan Chronicle logo, Park West GalleryArtist Marcus Glenn Making His Mark

Marcus Glenn, Park West GalleryDec. 8, 2011 — Southfield-based Marcus Glenn is an artist on the move. He is a featured artist at Park West Gallery, and the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History has acquired one of his works to be part of its permanent collection.

Glenn, 43, said his mother, herself a landscape artist, was the primary inspiration for his becoming an artist. Other inspirations include Picasso, Romare Bearden, and Jacob Lawrence.

He also said his mother always knew he was interested in art, because one of his favorite pastimes was doodling. She encouraged that by keeping pencils and paper in his hands.

A few years ago, Glenn was one of the featured artists at a Park West Gallery Event curated by the [Charles H. Wright] museum. Officials there subsequently decided it would be a good idea to have one of his pieces in their collection.

Despite Michigan’s uncertain economy, Glenn said he tries to keep a positive outlook. He added that being with Park West Gallery, which sets up venues in different states and cities, and also has a presence on cruise ships, has helped…

Continue reading the full article [pdf]
Exclusive artwork by Marcus Glenn is available for purchase through Park West Gallery and its cruise art auctions at sea.

Visit the Park West Gallery/Marcus Glenn Fine Art Collection →

August is American Artist Appreciation Month

American Flatlands (fig. 36), Tim Yanke, Park West Gallery Collection
“American Flatlands (fig. 36)” by Tim Yanke
Park West Gallery Collection

QUICK! Name an American artist! 

Who was the first to pop into your head? Was it Norman Rockwell? For many of us, he’s the one we think of right away. But there are so many others that shouldn’t be forgotten.

From Andy Warhol and Andrew Wyeth, to Georgia O’Keeffe and Mary Cassatt, America has been the birthplace for some of art history’s most talented and celebrated artists. Throughout August, all of them will be honored as we observe American Artist Appreciation Month.

But you don’t have to visit a museum to appreciate American fine art. The Park West Gallery Collection showcases a variety of works by American artists, including Norman Rockwell. And the works of Park West Gallery contemporary favorites such as Leslie LewTim Yanke and Marcus Glenn, are also not to be missed. 

So during the month of August, take a moment to learn more about American artists. You never know what you might discover.

Discover the Artists at Park West Gallery →

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Park West Gallery Artist Marcus Glenn Inspires Philadelphia Art Students

Park West Gallery donates Marcus Glenn works to St. Mary’s Interparochial School

Marcus Glenn, Park West Gallery CARES

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Park West Gallery furthered its national outreach initiative, Park West Gallery CARES, by donating two works by artist Marcus Glenn to St. Mary’s Interparochial School in Philadelphia, PA on Monday, January 31. Additionally, Glenn provided an artist talk to St. Mary’s eighth grade art students. 

In his talk, Glenn discussed how he became an internationally successful artist, his inspiration for creating art, and his various styles and techniques. He then answered questions by the students and took the time to speak with them individually.

Along with Park West Gallery and St. Mary’s, the talk and donation were coordinated through Art-Reach, a Philadelphia non-profit whose mission is to bring arts and cultural opportunities to the full range of underserved audiences in the community. Art-Reach and St. Mary’s have worked closely together, providing greater access to the arts for St. Mary’s students. 

“We are overwhelmed by the generosity of Park West Gallery,” said Donna Bridy, arts coordinator for St. Mary’s. “Marcus Glenn was totally engaging and an inspiration to our students, and they loved it!  We are grateful to him, his wife Yolanda, Cara Huffman from Park West Gallery and Rachel Robbins from Art-Reach for making the visit happen! Thank you for this experience.  We have never had anything like this be offered to our humble school!”

Marcus Glenn, Park West Gallery CARES

Marcus Glenn, Park West Gallery CARES

Launched in July, Park West Gallery CARES initially limited its outreach to organizations in the Detroit, MI and Miami, FL areas where Park West Gallery has physical locations. However, due to its monumental success, Park West Gallery has decided to extend the initiative to communities throughout the United States. St. Mary’s Interparochial School is one of several organizations that have received similar donations and artist talks provided by Park West Gallery CARES. Other recipients include the Lake Geneva Public Library in Lake Geneva, WI, the Youth Arts Corps in St. Petersburg, FL and the City of Clayton’s public art program in Clayton, MO.

“St. Mary’s is providing a wonderful education to youth in the Philadelphia community, and we are honored to be able to assist the school, its students, and Art-Reach in this way,” said Albert Scaglione, founder and CEO of Park West Gallery. “While our physical locations are in Michigan and Florida, we serve clients all across the country. We are privileged to assist their communities along with our own.”

If you know of a nonprofit or charitable organization in your community that would benefit from Park West Gallery CARES, please contact marketing@parkwestgallery.com