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Inspiring Nano Lopez

Nano Lopez

When master sculptor Nano Lopez steps outside, he doesn’t just see grass, trees or animals – he sees life, inspiration and miracles.

“Everything is a miracle, everything is amazing – life in general, all life is amazing,” he says. “The richness of the world is inspiration.”

Lopez grew up in Bogota, Colombia, and took trips with his family to rivers and islands. During these trips, he was fascinated by the flora, fauna and animals he discovered, and these experiences fueled his imagination in a way that has remained with him and evolved. Today, he states that his way of understanding humanity is through the path of nature.

In fact, one of the very reasons Lopez has enjoyed sculpting since the age of 15 is that he connects with nature by using clay to create art.

“Originally the first element that I worked with was water clay,” he says. “You get your hands on it, the feeling of the earth in your hands and the water, all of that is very direct.”

His figurative works are a search for humanness, for universal, hidden feelings he cannot quite name. He compares it to plunging your hand into the dirt, blindly searching for something, but you’ll know what you’re looking for once you take hold of it.

“Early on I was really in love with nature and working on the human figure and thinking about life at all levels,” he says. “That kind of thinking made me want to incorporate life and nature into the human.”

Nano Lopez

Among his various sculptures, Lopez says his “Maria” figurative works hold deep meaning to him. They combine his love of the human figure and his passion for nature. In fact, he has alluded to wanting to create a 10-foot large version of his “Maria Alma” sculpture.

“It symbolizes the human soul,” he says of Maria. “It relates to Mother Nature a lot…the beauty of life, the power of life – that is a miracle to me.”

To emphasize and contrast the natural, organic textures, Lopez incorporates mechanical and man-made textures such as gears, letters and numbers. To him, gears represent human creativity, while letters and numbers remind him of the history of civilization with math, language and literature.

“When we’re talking about animals, it brings the human part into the animals,” he says. “That gives it that richness that refers to what amazes me the most, which is the richness of the world.”

Even his palette is derived from nature. He said everything from trips during his youth to visits to the marketplace has inspired his bright colors.

“I do remember going to the markets in Colombia, they are so visual in that sense out there, particularly the outdoor markets that are so rich in colors and all that, and in the tropics the colors are pretty intense,” he says.

Nano Lopez

Even when he isn’t working on his art, Lopez loves interacting with nature. He says he enjoys landscaping, which is evident when admiring the beautiful grounds at his residence in Walla Walla, Washington.

“You go into your backyard and stand in a square foot of earth, you start to see how much is going on,” he says. “The birds go by, the bees go by, and you look down you see an ant going by, and you dig under and there is more stuff going on with worms and beetles. It’s amazing, that power of life amazes me and I want to express that into the figures.”

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Master Sculptor, Nano Lopez, to exhibit at Park West Gallery

SOUTHFIELD, Mich., June 1, 2015 — Park West Gallery, which hosts fine art auctions on cruise ships, live art auctions in major metropolitan areas and via art gallery locations in Detroit and Miami Lakes, Florida, will present the works of master sculptor Nano Lopez in an exhibit at its Detroit-area gallery.

Davian Nano Lopez Parkwest Gallery

Behold 36 intricate sculptures during Park West Gallery’s newest exhibition, held June 7-28 at 29469 Northwestern Highway in Southfield. This will be the only venue for the exhibition.

On display will be Lopez’s popular “Nanimals”– colorful creatures that attract viewers of all ages with their playfulness. At the exhibition, meet Nanimals like a dragon enjoying ice cream, a turtle ready for the races, a poetic owl and a life-sized ostrich.

Mast sculptor, Nano Lopez, poses with

Master sculptor, Nano Lopez, poses with “Elizabeth (Lifesize)”

Also exhibited are Lopez’s figures, which combine classical training and experimentation to produce sculptures like a winged goddess holding the world. His use of organic textures and human-made objects convey his respect for nature, science and creativity.

“At first glance, it is uncertain which period in time these works hail from,” said David Gorman, Gallery Director for Park West Gallery. “Upon further investigation, it is apparent that these works assume a contemporary role. By incorporating 21st century elements in a surreal approach, Nano Lopez has a way of capturing one’s attention, leaving the viewer spellbound.”

Lopez uses the “lost wax” technique to create his bronze sculptures. The process involves sculpting a clay model, making a silicone mold from the model and pouring wax into this mold. The hardened wax is then used to create a ceramic shell. The term “lost wax” refers to wax melting out of the shell when it’s baked in a kiln. Molten bronze is poured into the shell to create the final sculpture.

Born in Bogota, Columbia, Lopez studied at institutions like the Superior National School of Beaux Arts in Paris and under masters likeFrancisco Baron. Lopez worked at bronze foundries before starting his own business in 1987, and in 2006 became a full-time artist.

Admission is free to the public. Gallery hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. seven days a week. For more information, call 248-354-2343 or visit www.parkwestgallery.com.

Park West Gallery in Detroit connects artists to fine art aficionados via land and sea art auctions by creating an entertaining, educational and welcoming environment that ignites a passion for the arts.

Master Sculptor Nano Lopez Demonstrates His Process

Colombian-born master sculptor Nano Lopez puts an incredible amount of detail into his work. He also invests an extraordinary amount of time and energy into each and every piece. The following video details the step-by-step process of how the artist creates his fantastical “Nanimals” sculptures.

Learn more about artist Nano Lopez and see examples of his work available to collectors at www.parkwestgallery.com.

Terrific Experience with Park West at Sea

“My wife and I were just your guests on the Norwegian Dawn from June 1 – 7, 2009. We feel compelled to share with you the professionalism and attention to detail your staff paid to us (and everyone else).

This was a terrific experience for us and we also got to collect some beautiful works of art. It was also a pleasure meeting artists Jerry Blank, Nano Lopez and Marko Mavrovich (quite the character).

As a matter of fact, my employer is taking his family on the same cruise at the end of this month based on our experience.”

Henry and Linda P.
Medford, New York


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Park West Customer Corner

Frank and I would like to thank you again for inviting us to be part of the Park West VIP Cruise. This was our first VIP cruise and we were impressed with how Park West did everything top notch from beginning to end.

Lone Star 60 by Tim YankeIt was exciting to get to meet the four different artists, Noah, Tim Yanke, Nano and of course Jerry Blank who was not scheduled for the VIP cruise but was able to join us. Each of these artists were a pleasure to meet. Their unique artwork and their personal stories made us appreciate them even more. We purchased artwork from each one of the artists and cannot wait to have them delivered. We were particularly excited when we received our first two peices of artwork this Saturday one of which was Tim Yanke’s, ‘Lone Star’. Tim is such an exceptional individual and we were pleased to have had the opportunity to spend time with him.

The art enrichment presentation was very informative and we learned to appreciate artwork that we would not have ever thought to even look at in the past. Special thanks to Chris, Simon, Samantha, EJ and Rebecca for doing such an excellent job. Please give our regards and thanks to each of them.

Thank You,

Frank and Ginette M.
Kennesaw, Georgia


Thank you for making me feel comfortable enough to say yes to the VIP cruise. It was truly an amazing experience. When we boarded the ship, I never would have thought I would acquire the works of art I now own. Getting to know Noah, Tim, Jerry and Nano gave me new insight not only into their work, but art in general.

Everyone from Park West was absolutely wonderful. Chris was a superb host. Rebecca, Sam and EJ were supportive and understanding. Simon was always there making sure everyone was being looked after properly.

The trip was everything you told me it would be and more. Thank you for a wonderful week I’ll never forget.


Leslie L.
Lake In The Hills, Illinois


Customer Corner: Park West VIP Guests Reflect

Dear Park West:

Both Nancy and I wanted to express our appreciation for being invited to the VIP cruise on board the Norwegian Dawn April 18 – 25. We were able to share some good times, laughs, and exchange experiences with the fantastic group of VIP guests gathered for this cruise. We are certain that we will remain in touch with many of them for a very long time.

As for the guest artists selected for this cruise – what a fantastic experience! Tim Yanke, Noah, Nano, and although not part of our group, Jerry Blank. What a group of talented artists, and their personalities made us feel as if we had known them forever. Although we were not sure if we were going to acquire new art on this cruise, meeting and listening to these artists certainly changed our minds in a hurry.

Noah’s art is simply out of this world, and we certainly look forward to obtaining more of it in the future. As for Tim’s work, although we were never big fans of abstract work, listening and spending time with him, and seeing him at work certainly gave us an immediate appreciation for his art.

Cleo y Su Gatico (Large Cat) by Nano Lopez

As soon as we saw Nano’s work, we knew it would just be a matter of time before we would acquire one of his pieces. We obtained one of his cats in memory of our recently departed cat named Leo, but I can see us getting more of his sculptures in the future.

As for the Park West Gallery staff hosting this event, all we can say is that you were all great!!! From our first contact with you, to your expert assistance in helping us with our art selection, we really appreciate every bit of time spent with us in that process.

Again, our sincere thanks to you, the entire auctioneer staff on board, and to Park West Gallery for this opportunity of a lifetime.

Gary & Nancy C.
Hialeah, Florida


Dear Park West Gallery:

Words cannot begin to express my thanks for being a part of the Norwegian Dawn – Park West VIP Cruise. I was not sure what to expect but Park West was reassuring and understanding of my doubt and made me feel totally comfortable to say yes, when my nature was to say no.

Everyone from the limo driver to the hotel staff, cruise staff and especially your staff were professional and enthusiastic. The accommodations met and exceeded my expectations.

Most impressively, I opened myself up to a new style of art. At the start of the trip, I never would have believed I would become so passionate about the works I purchased on the trip. I even surprised my son.

I met some wonderful people and the art was terrific. Best of all I have some memories and new art to cherish.

Thank you for a fabulous week,

Leslie L.
Lake In The Hills, Illinois