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“Totally Proud of Our Park West Gallery Collection” (Customer Reviews)

At Park West Gallery, we’re lucky enough to receive a steady stream of positive letters from our loyal customers. As a thank you for all of your kind words, we’ll be posting as many of your fantastic comments as we can at our Park West Gallery Customer Reviews Blog.

If you’ve recently cruised with Park West at sea or attended a Park West Gallery art auction we would love to hear from you!



• Kat & Steve D. | Wetumpka, Alabama:

The organization of the event was great and we thoroughly enjoyed seeing the Peter Max studio. We had a great time and will remember it fondly when enjoying the works we purchased. Most of all, we thoroughly appreciated the professionalism of you and your team… More >

• Chris & John M. | Gahanna, Ohio:

I feel and totally am proud of our collection of Dali, Rembrandt, Agam, Max, Rut, Pangborn, Le Kinff, Tarkay, Lew, Chen, and others. We have and enjoy our contemporary art as well as ‘master’ artists. I can’t tell you how privileged I feel to be blessed with your friendship, advice, and works of art. Thanks also to Albert Scaglione for his dedication to Park West and his great dealings for others… More >

• Darlene J. | Ocean Ridge, Florida

I cannot thank you all enough for one of the unforgettable experiences in my life! It was one of the BEST WEEKEND events I’ve ever attended in my lifetime!… More >


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Park West Gallery Brings Art and Entertainment to the Lone Star State

PARK WEST GALLERY customers provide wonderful feedback about Park West artists and art auctions. We are proud to share the following compliments from some art collectors who recently enjoyed a Dallas weekend getaway with a fantastic art auction staff and a couple of Park West artists
Pablo Picasso (after). Imaginary Portrait. 1969.Richard and I had a fantastic time in Dallas at the Park West weekend event with Marcus Glenn and Leslie Lew. Although we have been collecting art for several years at cruise ship auctions, art festivals and a couple of Park West land auctions, this was our 1st weekend event. We loved it!

Your team worked so well together; we arrived late Friday evening and everything flowed seamlessly for the rest of the weekend. We had not purchased a ‘master’ work from Park West previously, and although we found one we really liked (a Picasso Imaginary Portrait), we were very anxious about making that ‘leap’. The Art Team spent a lot of time with us, educating us and helping us to feel comfortable with our options and our decision.

We also purchased originals from Glenn, Gockel and Ilyayev and many members of the team spent time with us, readily available to answer questions. We did not feel pressure from anyone, which was crucial for us, as we respond very negatively to ‘pushy’ or aggressive salespeople. Had we felt pressured, we most likely would not have purchased anything at all. We appreciate the patience demonstrated to us.

Slava Ilyayev. She Will be Loved. 2009. Park West Gallery.Richard and I have been attending auctions since the early 90s. Early in our marriage we went to bank foreclosure auctions in Houston almost every weekend for entertainment (we didn’t have any money to buy anything; we just watched and had fun). We have been to over a hundred auctions. Chris was the most entertaining auctioneer we have ever encountered! We had a blast! Not only did he have us laughing for 3 straight days, the rest of the crew – Rebecca, Sam, Tiffany, Ashlee, David, Jason and Simon (and I hope I didn’t leave anyone out, because all who were there participated!) – were fantastic straight men and fall guys for Chris’ antics, and it wouldn’t have worked nearly as well without them.

Marcus Glenn was also great fun, especially during Saturday night’s dueling pianos. He was a good sport and was as much fun as we had expected he would be. (How can someone create art like that and not be a lot of fun?!) The highlight of Saturday evening was an impromptu a cappella performance by Tiffany. She was fantastic, and although it didn’t really fit into the venue (the pianists went straight into Queen after her Phantom!), as a classical music lover, I loved it! (Loved the Queen as well.)

We think that your group has a great chemistry, and without it the weekend would not have been as much fun. There was a great balance between the serious educational stuff (critical when you are thinking about spending a small fortune and making a big leap in your art collecting) and the cutting up and having fun to release the tension of spending all that money! Your team has got the balance down to an art, and they made it easy and fun to spend our money!!! We think that you should keep this team together, and we hope that you will include us in a future event hosted by this same team.

We sincerely thank you for including us,”

Laura & Richard R.
Fort Worth, Texas


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Art You Can’t Live Without

Zamy Steynovitz. Caribbean Mornings. 2003.Park West Gallery customers provide wonderful feedback about Park West artists and art auctions. We are proud to share the following compliments from some art collectors who just cannot live without artwork they acquired from Park West cruise art auctions at sea…

We just love all our art purchased from Park West! Every cruise we find something new we just cannot live without.

The amazing auction staff onboard the ships are wonderful – professional, entertaining, informative, and friendly.

I especially want to commend Tiffany from Adventure of the Seas with Royal Caribbean. She is fantastic!”

Bob Y.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


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Park West Auction at Sea Offers Artwork of Exceptional Quality

Victor Vasarely. Tridim-KK (detail). 1969. Park West GalleryPark West Gallery customers provide lots of wonderful feedback about Park West artists and art auctions. We are proud to share the following compliments from some art collectors who recently enjoyed a Park West cruise art auction at sea…


“We were lucky enough to be invited to a cruise of Alaska by Park West Gallery and there are no words to fully describe the great experience we shared.

The Park West staff was extremely knowledgeable, helpful, thoughtful, accommodating and sensitive to any request we made.

The quality of the artwork was exceptional and as an added bonus we met two world renowned artists. When you add to the above the beautiful cruise ship and being a part of a very friendly, fun group, it made for one of our best vacations.

Thanks for including us in that wonderful event.”

Edmond & Susan H.
New York, NY


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Art Auctioneer Goes Above and Beyond at Park West Cruise Auction

Fanch. Interior with Lichtenstein. 2006. Park West GalleryPARK WEST GALLERY customers provide lots of wonderful feedback about Park West artists and art auctions. We want to share the following compliments from some art collectors who recently experienced Park West cruise art auctions at sea…

“We recently cruised on the Carnival Fantasy and were very impressed with the staff of Park West. Lindie and Erin spent hours answering questions, educating us, and helping us decide how to begin our collection. Yasser not only spent a great deal of time running to and from lockers to bring us new pieces to look at, but his dedication and commitment went beyond anything we could ask or expect.

He volunteered to give up his personal time on disembark day to help us get our carry off items to FedEx. He waited in line with us through customs, carried the items to the taxi and even rode with us to make sure we got everything shipped alright. The first FedEx couldn’t help us because the paintings were too big, so Yasser walked the 9 blocks with us to the bigger store weighted down with 6 paintings. He then helped us find a cab and made sure we got off to the airport okay.

I was so touched that a ‘stranger’ that we’d known for only a couple of days would be so kind and genuine that it brought tears to my eyes. He wanted and asked for nothing in exchange for this tremendous act of kindness. We are very pleased and satisfied with our artwork, but what made the purchase even more memorable is the personal care and compassion that we received from this remarkable young man. There is no way that my husband and I could have done it without him.

Park West has hit the jackpot with the staff aboard the Carnival Fantasy. Lindie, Erin and Yasser – all three deserve a pat on the back. I am certain that I will remember the kindness and support that your staff provided for many years to come.

The combination of the quality of art, fair prices and tremendous customer service has insured that we will be lifetime Park West customers. Keep up the great work and don’t let those staff members get away!”

Jody D.
Ozark, Missouri


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Art Collectors Can't Resist Park West Cruise Auctions at Sea

Slava Ilyayev. The Flooding. 2009. Park West GalleryPARK WEST GALLERY customers provide lots of wonderful feedback about Park West art auctions and artists. We want to share the following compliments from some art collectors who recently experienced Park West cruise art auctions at sea…____________________________

We just completed our 5th cruise, and on each of the last four we have purchased beautiful art pieces from Park West Gallery. Every time we cruise we find more paintings or drawings that we can’t resist. They are all beautiful.

We own works by Tarkay, Max, Dali, Mouly, and Steynovitz. A new artist that we added this time was Slava Ilyayev. We love his work, and plan to add more from him in the future.

Our auctioneer, Brandon, did a superb job and was very professional and helpful. The auctions are fun and never boring. We look forward to more in the future.

Thank you for the great art auctions.”

Michael & Claudia F.
Sonora, California


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Park West Auctioneer on the Advantages of a Career Selling Art at Sea

Park West art auction at seaPARK WEST GALLERY receives tons of fantastic testimonials from happy art collectors and we would especially like to thank our cruise auction customers for sending us such wonderful comments about Park West art auctions at sea – please keep them coming! Park West Art Auctioneers provide some fantastic feedback as well and we thought Park West customers might enjoy hearing from our cruise ship auctioneers as much as we do! Here’s just one recent Park West Art Auctioneer testimonial…and be sure to check back for more to be posted soon!


Being a Park West Art Auctioneer has been a truly amazing opportunity. I have a diverse background ranging from time spent in the military and police, to hotels, plus several years in sales and sales management. Park West has given me the chance to combine my love for and studies in art and history with my passion for sales in a way that no other career could have.

Of course the financial rewards are amazing, but without job satisfaction, the money doesn’t mean much. I can honestly say that I love what I do! Introducing new collectors to the joy of collecting; seeing the amazement in people’s eyes as I show a Rembrandt and relate the compelling story behind these incredible works; the excitement and energy of running a live cruise art auction for hundreds of people.

No two days are ever the same! I still have to pinch myself sometimes when I realize that I’m enjoying coffee in Colombia, strolling down the canals of Venice, hiking over the rocks and tundra of Greenland, or sitting in the famed Blue Lagoon in Iceland…”

Michael T.
Park West Auctioneer


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Park West Exhibits Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Dominic Pangborn. Popism #2 - Bright Future. 2006.“My wife and I attended a land auction weekend held at Hyatt Regency Crown Center, Kansas City. Park West provided our room, meals, and entertainment. Artists Marko Mavrovich and Dominic Pangborn were on site.

This was by far the best art weekend we have ever experienced. The staff – including our contact, Simon, to EJ, Dave, and a fantastic auctioneer – were all great. Not only were they polite and professional, but very personable and genuinely interested in being sure we enjoyed our time with Park West.

We acquired 3 new pieces for our collection. What made the weekend even more special was our need to bring our daughter with us and Park West’s effort to accommodate. She loves art and hopes to pursue it in the future so this was a great way to allow her to have a weekend of it. Both artists made a real effort to visit with her and she even got a hand-signed scarf from Mr. Pangborn.

I just can’t tell you how good we felt during the entire event and wanted to be sure the management and owner know everything possible was done to show your commitment to our satisfaction and sense of value as customers.”

Rob L.
Overland Park, Kansas


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Have you been to a Park West art auction at sea? Leave a comment & share your experience with us!