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Park West Gallery shows the power of paint improves lives

Park West Gallery Turnaround Arts New York Times

Students work on self portraits at San Bernardino’s Barton Elementary in California during a Turnaround Arts event. (Photo courtesy of T Studio)

Park West Gallery is taking strides to ensure that art is for everyone, not only through its cruise art auctions, but to ensure art is in the classroom and available for all to enjoy.

In a post created by T Brand Studio on the New York Times site, the importance of including art in education is highlighted by efforts from Park West Gallery and some of the artists it represents, including Autumn de Forest, Romero Britto and Guy Harvey.

Autumn, a 14-year-old artistic prodigy, travels around the country with the Turnaround Arts program, working directly with students to inspire them and promote art education. Turnaround Arts is a public-private program organized by the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities to improve low-ranking schools in 14 states. Park West Gallery donates art supplies for the students to use.

“I am honored to work with the Turnaround Arts program,” says Autumn. “This program helps schools that really need the arts, music, dance and theatre.”

According to the article, a two-year study of Turnaround Arts schools demonstrated that math scores had increased by 22.5 percent and reading scores by 12.6 percent. Meanwhile, studies from the Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds have revealed that exposure to the arts increases academic engagement and enrollment.

Other artists with Park West Gallery, including Britto and Harvey, encourage arts education, and speak to how it positively impacted their careers as artists.

“I still think that, in school, they should emphasize more arts and culture,” Britto says in the article. “It does give a possibility [to] create something unique and new.”

Along with the artists, Park West Gallery Founder and CEO Albert Scaglione says his 40-plus year career has focused on bringing art to the masses through art auctions and educational efforts. The gallery’s non-profit organization, the Park West Foundation, also plays a key role, such as underwriting museum exhibitions around the country. These exhibitions have included Autumn at the Butler Institute of American Art and Yaacov Agam at the Museum of Geometric and MADI Art.

Read the full article here.

C & G News: Group assists young adults who age out of foster care

C&G NewspapersMay 30, 2013 — For many, the plight of foster children is something unseen, handled by the state while those fortunate enough to have families go about their lives.

But what happens when those in foster care age out of the system and suddenly find themselves out of sight, out of mind for the state, as well?

There are more than 14,000 children in foster care through Michigan’s Department of Human Services. More than 40 percent of that number is in the tri-county area, the majority in Wayne County.

Looming over each of their heads is the date they no longer receive assistance from the state, usually around age 21. That’s when they will be left to fend for themselves, with no family to turn to for guidance or support.

Life after high school is a source of great anxiety for these children, who already suffer acute feelings of abandonment. Any sense of stability is fleeting as they move from one place to another. And their caseworkers don’t always have the time to drive them to school or make sure they have the right supplies, much less play the role of a parent.

Recognizing the difficulty of this situation, the Park West Foundation formed in 2006 with the express purpose of aiding such individuals. Since then, it has assisted more than 500 young adults with matters of finance, clothing, housing, education and employment. Their focus was originally women, but now they also assist men aging out of foster care.

They also collaborate with a number of organizations to provide support services, such as crisis response, prevention and intervention; family preservation and life skills; teen parenting; and even worship opportunities through Life Directions, a program that provides exposure to different views of spirituality.

Without groups like the Park West Foundation, “Some would age out straight to the streets, and they’re the most likely to get in trouble and wind up in prison, since no one is caring for them or watching for them,” said Saba Gebrai, director of the Park West Foundation. “There is no stability or career path, no parents explaining what to do…”

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May is National Foster Care Month

WJR, Paul W. Smith, Park West GalleryDid you know? May is designated as National Foster Care Month. The annual campaign raises awareness about the urgent needs of youth in the foster care system and encourages citizens from every walk of life to get involved. Today, the campaign spotlights the importance of permanency for the more than 380,000 children under 18 in foster care.

Saba Gebrai, director of the Park West Foundation, recently spoke to WJR Radio’s “The Big Story” to address the issues of foster care in metro Detroit. The Park West Foundation was established in 2006 by Albert and Mitsie Scaglione, the founders of the Park West Gallery.

Click the player to listen:

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Park West Foundation Director on WXYZ-TV Channel 7′s “Spotlight on the News”

Now in its 48th season, Channel 7’s “Spotlight on the News” is Michigan’s longest running weekly news and public affairs program. Saba Gebrai, Director of the Park West Foundation, was featured on last Sunday’s program. Gebrai spoke to host Chuck Stokes about steps being taken to improve the success rate for foster care youth in Southeast Michigan.

Watch: http://www.wxyz.com/dpp/news/political/spotlight_on_the_news/spotlight-on-the-news-race-for-the-cure–adoption#ixzz2SWECVmFy

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Michigan Chronicle: Park West Foundation Helps Youth Transition Out of Foster Care

The Michigan Chronicle logo, Park West GalleryPark West Foundation Helps Youth Transition Out of Foster Care

March 15, 2013 — Since 2006, the nonprofit Park West Foundation has helped more than 350 young women and men in the foster care system transition into the “real world.”

According to Program Director Saba Gebrai, the organization partners with the Department of Human Services and contracted agencies that are directly serving young people in foster care, as well as those who are aging out.

Among the services the Park West Foundation provides are helping these youth with housing, transportation, jobs, and clothing. It also provides them with tuition assistance for college.

Gebrai said the foundation was established by Albert and Mitsie Scaglione, the founders of the Park West Gallery in Southfield…

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Park West Foundation Co-Sponsors “Jump Shot Your Future” for Past and Present Foster Care Youth

jump shot your futureThe Park West Foundation – Blue Babies and the Michigan Youth Opportunities Initiative – ESP teamed up to sponsor “Jump Shot Your Future,” a youth-led and supported program for 14-25 year old men and women who were or still are in foster care. The event was held on Sunday, January 20 from 3 pm – 7 pm at the 5e Gallery, 2661 Michigan Avenue in Detroit.

“This very special event included presentations by a number of participating organizations on what resources and services they have available for those young people who were or still are in foster care,” said Saba Gebrai, Program Director of the Park West Foundation. “The day’s agenda also featured a panel of former foster care youth who discussed their college experiences and the challenges they faced and overcame to graduate.” Participants also enjoyed inspiring messages from local poet Mic Write, as well as refreshments and music, along with all of the helpful resources at the event.

Gebrai also said Michigan Department of Human Services Director, Maura Corrigan, believes “Jump Shot Your Future” will help increase access and success for Michigan’s foster care youth who have a desire to pursue a post-secondary education.

The organizations represented at Sunday’s conference included: Ferris State University, University of Michigan-Flint, Wayne State University, Eastern Michigan University, Western Michigan University, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, Michigan Educational Trust, Tuition Incentive Program, Educational Training Voucher Program, Focus Hope Learn & Earn Program, Fostering Success Michigan, Youth in Transition, Michigan Opportunities Initiative-Educational Success Program, Wayne County Educational Planners and Detroit College Promise.

Former and current foster care residents also learned how they can qualify for a $5,000 annual scholarship from the Educational Training Voucher Program. The W.K. Kellogg Foundation awarded the Michigan Youth Opportunities Initiative (MYOI) a grant of $387,849 to be used Feb. 1, 2012 through Jan. 31, 2015 to support improving outcomes for Michigan youth aging out of the foster care system. The Kellogg grant will specifically support the Education Success Program (ESP) by matching funds that youth save for education expenses. This match will be leveraged with additional MYOI dollars to provide a total three-to-one match for all participants. Funds matched by ESP could go toward tuition, application fees, books, computers, printers, software, study abroad, university activities or campus housing. ESP also supports financial literacy and independent living skills by providing trainings around health, education, employment, housing, and community engagement.

MYOI’s Director of Development, Khadija Walker-Fobbs, says this grant is crucial in supporting the needs of MYOI youth. “We are so excited to work with the Kellogg Foundation on this program. ESP will give youth aging out of foster care the opportunity for post-secondary education that they have never had,” she says. “Only three percent of young people from foster care will earn a college degree and a mere 58% will graduate high school by age 19, compared to 87% nationally. This program will help provide the supports and guidance these young people need to have a successful future.”

Additional event sponsors included the North American International Auto Show, Park West Gallery, Detroit Pistons, ECS Partnership McDonald’s and Big Family of Michigan.

The Park West Foundation (www.parkwestfoundation.org) was formed in 2006 by Albert and Mitsie Scaglione, founders and owners of Park West Gallery, to provide a range of services for children and families in the form of foster care, family preservation, family life education, counseling, teen parent services, residential placement and adoption.

For media inquiries and additional information about the Park West Foundation, please contact Saba Gebrai at sgebrai@aol.com or Khadija Walker-Fobbs at (248) 921-8282 or kfobbs@myoifund.org.

This Weekend: In Seventh Heaven – Magic and Music in Motown

Park West Gallery CEO Albert Scaglione and his wife, Mitsie, have once again come through in a big way for For The Seventh Generation, a nonprofit organization that matches donations of goods and services with needy foster children in the metro Detroit area.

This year, the Scaglione’s Park West Foundation has donated several items for auction at the charity’s yearly fundraiser, In Seventh Heaven – Magic and Music in Motown, which will take place at the Roostertail on June 30.

“The Scagliones have been among our most enthusiastic, most generous supporters since the founding of For The Seventh Generation,” said For The Seventh Generation Executive Director Lorraine Weber. “Thanks to them, we are poised to take off and help more foster children than ever before.”

“The Park West Foundation is very supportive of the Seventh Generation because our aims and goals for the needy children of Michigan follow the same course – to make available their everyday needs of medical, education and overall care they all need so desperately,” said Mitsie Scaglione. “We need more organizations that put the child first, as Seventh Generation has.”

The Scagliones are among several members of metro Detroit’s artistic and music communities who are coming out to support the foster children charity’s annual fundraiser. In addition to the Park West Foundation contributions, In Seventh Heaven will be raffling or auctioning contributions from Kelly Ramsey Photography, Motown memorabilia autographed by the Four Tops’ Duke Abdul Fakir, and two guitars autographed by Kid Rock. The Jill Jack Band, local DJ legend Linda Lexy, and Grammy-nominated local jazz ensemble Straight Ahead are headlining the event, which will begin at 7 pm.

Tickets for In Seventh Heaven – Magic and Music in Motown are $100 per person and are available online through the For The Seventh Generation website at www.fortheseventhgeneration.org. Space is limited; reserve early.

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Park West Gallery on CBS ‘Michigan Matters’ Holiday Show

CBS Detroit Michigan Matters, Carol Cain, Tim Yanke, Park West GalleryOn a holiday edition of CBS Detroit’s Michigan Matters, host Carol Cain sat down with Saba Gebrai, Program Director of the Park West Foundation, and Tim Yanke, an artist with Park West Gallery.

The panel discussed how Park West Gallery is helping young people in Michigan, especially those in the foster care system. Watch:

Fine artwork by Tim Yanke is available for purchase through Park West Gallery and its cruise art auctions at sea. For more information, please visit www.parkwestgallery-yanke.com.

For more information about the Park West Foundation and Park West Gallery’s other philanthropic programs, please visit www.parkwestgallery.com and click on Philanthropy.