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Park West Gallery Congratulates Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian EpicPark West Gallery would like to congratulate Norwegian Cruise Line on the launch of its newest ship, Norwegian Epic! This beautiful ship represents the state of the art in cruising and features extensive amenities including more than 20 internationally-inspired dining options, unique nightlife hotspots such as one of the world’s only ice bars, award winning live entertainment featuring the Blue Man Group, and family friendly innovations such as the exhilarating Aqua Park and Nickelodeon at Sea. Park West is proud to be featuring its art auctions aboard this fabulous new ship.

Norwegian Epic: Spice H2O
Norwegian Epic: Ice Bar
Norwegian Epic: Aqua Park________________________________________________________

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Park West Gallery Launches Joan Miro Website

Park West Gallery Joan Miro Website

Park West Gallery is proud to announce the launch of its latest master artist website, which is dedicated to Joan Miro! A surrealist master, Joan Miro is viewed by many as one of the most innovative and influential artists of the 20th Century.

The active and archived Park West Gallery Miro Collection includes more than 1000 works. These include intaglio graphic works, lithographs, drawings, and works created “after” Miro paintings in lithography and pochoir (an early form of stencil printing) under the artist’s supervision and control.

“Miro’s artistic legacy is huge,” comments Morris Shapiro, Park West Gallery’s Director. “Although he was one of the least understood masters of modern art during his lifetime and still even today, his work has influenced countless artists. He was the driving force behind visual surrealism and worked tirelessly creating one of the greatest collections of graphic works in history. We at Park West are delighted to now share our extraordinary collection with visitors to our new Miro website.”

Art enthusiasts can view multiple galleries of Joan Miro graphic works while learning about the motivation behind the works on the Park West Joan Miro website. Also featured on the site is a thorough biography highlighting both personal and artistic milestones in Miro’s life.

Visit the Park West Gallery Joan Miro website at www.parkwest-miro.com

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Park West Gallery Featured in Discover the D

Park West Gallery was recently featured in the Detroit Public Television series Discover the D hosted by Veronica Vance. Park West Gallery Director Morris Shapiro gave Vance a tour of the 23 exhibition spaces that make up the gallery while highlighting numerous artworks created by local artists such as Marcus Glenn and Dominic Pangborn, iconic artists such as Peter Max, and Old Masters such as Rembrandt and Durer. Check out the video below and then come in to discover the gallery for yourself!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Check out the Park West Gallery YouTube Channel for more art videos!

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Park West Gallery Artwork Auctioned Off for DPTV

Park West Gallery recently donated several artworks from its collection to Detroit Public Television which were auctioned off during DPTV’s first online auction event powered by eBay Giving Works. The auction ran from Thursday, April 22 through Tuesday, April 27.

The Park West Gallery artworks featured in the auction included Peter Max’s God Bless America II, Emile Bellet’s Danielle’s Blues, and Slava Brodinsky’s Exploring Nature. God Bless America II is a mixed-media with acrylic painting and color lithography on paper; Danielle’s Blues is a limited edition giclée in color with hand embellishment on canvas; and Exploring Nature is an oil painting on canvas.  

Park West Gallery Director Morris Shapiro had the privilege of showcasing each artwork on www.dptv.org. When asked about the experience, he said, “We are delighted to be a part of the efforts to support public programming at Detroit Public Television, which is one of the finest public broadcasting stations in the country. To be invited to feature our donations of Park West art work, and to shoot promotional spots at our gallery is truly an honor. We never hesitate to participate in any way we can to support the outstanding programming at DPTV.”   


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Park West Gallery Spring Sale Now Online

With spring and all its special days (think Easter, Mother’s Day, and graduation parties) right around the corner, the Park West Gallery Spring Collection was put together with all your gift giving needs in mind!

 The collection is currently featured online and boasts an array of fine artwork, high-end designer jewelry, sports memorabilia and animation, all of which are being offered at exciting sale prices now through May 14th.

More than 300 artworks from some of the world’s greatest artists are featured in the Spring Collection including old and modern masters Durer, Miro, Goya and Renoir as well as contemporary artists. A variety of media are available including oil and acrylic paintings, watercolors and drawings, hand-signed limited edition etchings, lithographs, serigraphs and hand-embellished graphic works.

Fine jewelry from high-end designers such as Erte, Lumiere, Diara, Roberto Coin, and Gatto Luciano is also featured. While the collection is diverse, all of the jewelry has certain qualities in common such as superb craftsmanship, timeless characteristics and unique design.

A portion of Park West Gallery’s extensive sports memorabilia collection has been incorporated into the Spring Collection. A selection of signed photographs and sport-specific memorabilia are included in the offering as well as hand-signed Muhammad Ali collectibles exclusive to Park West Gallery.

Also included in the Spring Collection are animation works featuring lovable Looney Tunes, Disney, and Hanna-Barbera characters. Limited edition cels, lithographs, hand drawings, and production cels make up this special offering.  

View the Spring Sale Collection at sales.parkwestgallery.com

Gallery Hours: Monday-Wednesday, 10am-6pm; Thursday-Friday, 10am-7pm; Saturday, 11am-6pm

Call toll-free: 800-521-9654 x4; Canada/Int’l: 248-354-2343 x4

Email: sales@parkwestgallery.com


Park West Gallery Launches Dominic Pangborn Website

Dominic Pangborn, Park West Gallery fine art

PARK WEST GALLERY is proud to announce the launch of our newest microsite for internationally acclaimed contemporary artist DOMINIC PANGBORN! The website features information about the artist, a virtual gallery of his artwork, and video footage of Pangborn showcasing his work and discussing his influences and background in design.

Pangborn’s perpetual quest to expand his horizons on both life and art leads him to generate nearly 3,000 sketches each year, many of which serve as the basis for his paintings. The paintings themselves range from nonrepresentational abstracts to photo-realism, across a number of mediums and techniques.

In addition to receiving numerous awards from prestigious art and design organizations and publications, Pangborn’s artworks have been exhibited at museums across the country including the esteemed Detroit Institute of Arts. His paintings have been collected by notable figures such as former President George H.W. Bush and Japanese Ambassador Naoto Amaki as well as various corporations.

“Dominic Pangborn’s energy and passion come through in all of his artworks from his geometrics to his nonrepresentational abstracts,” said Morris Shapiro, Park West’s Gallery Director of 26 years. “This allows his collectors to feel a real connection with the artwork they have acquired. And although Pangborn is already a celebrated and well-collected artist, this new website dedicated to the Park West Gallery Dominic Pangborn Collection will allow even more people to become familiar with his work.”

Through this new site, Park West Gallery has made Dominic Pangborn’s fine artwork viewable worldwide and continues its mission of bringing fine art to people everywhere. Park West has created websites for numerous Old Masters and contemporary artists, and continues to develop additional artist sites.

Visit Park West Gallery’s new Dominic Pangborn website at www.parkwest-pangborn.com


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Focusing on Matisse as a Printmaker at the Tampa Museum of Art

Henri Matisse, Park West Gallery, print collection“Young Girl Leaning on Her Elbows in front of Flowered Screen” (1923) by Henri Matisse. ©2009 Succession H. Matisse/Artists, Rights Society (ARS), New York, Courtesy American Federation of Arts.

TAMPA — An exceptional show featuring Fauvist master Henri Matisse is currently on view at the newly-opened Tampa Museum of Art. While many past exhibits focus on the bright, cheerful paintings of Matisse, this display is centered around the artist’s 50-year journey as a printmaker.

(Note: Numerous examples of Matisse prints are represented in the Park West Gallery Collection, some of which can be seen online.) 

“This is a rare show indeed for what it suggests about the interconnectedness among Matisse’s work in printmaking, painting and sculpture,” said Todd Smith, the museum’s executive director.

Matisse created over 800 prints in his lifetime and his style certainly influenced the next generation of popular Park West Gallery artists – Marcel Mouly, Jean-Claude Picot and Emile Bellet – just to name a few.

From the Tampa Museum of Art website:

A Celebration of Henri Matisse: Master of Line and Light
On view through April 18, 2010 — This comprehensive exhibition on the career of the great French artist Henri Matisse (1869–1954) showcases over 170 works of art spanning 50 years of Matisse’s career, with particular emphasis placed on the role that printmaking played in the development of the artist’s career. The exhibition offers compelling evidence of the important role printmaking played in the evolution of Matisse’s visual ideas. The exhibition loosely follows the chronology of Matisse’s career, from the artist’s earliest print in 1900 to the last in 1951. Examples of every printmaking technique used by Matisse — etchings, monotypes, lithographs, linocuts, aquatints, drypoints, woodcuts and color prints — are included. Almost all of the prints involve serial imagery, with the artist showing the development of a reclining or seated pose, the integration of models within interiors, the study of facial expressions, and the transformation of a subject from a straight representation to something more abstract or developed.

For more on this exhibit, please visit www.tampamuseum.org


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Yaacov Agam and the Mystical Number “9”

Yaacov Agam, Park West Gallery“Infinite Reach” (1985), serigraph in color on reflective mylar, by YAACOV AGAM

By Morris Shapiro,
Director of Park West Gallery

I am often asked about the significance of the number “9” in Yaacov Agam’s art.

Yaacov Agam, as the son of an Orthodox Rabbi, possesses a deep interest in Hebrew mysticism. The study of the most mystical aspect of Hebrew beliefs is called “Kabbala.” Kabbala is millennia old and extremely esoteric, secretive and illusive to grasp. Students of Kabbala spend their entire lifetimes attempting to penetrate the hidden meanings and interpretations of the subject.

In the language of Hebrew (one of the world’s most ancient still in use) every letter of the alphabet has a hidden meaning found in each letter, vowel and accent. Each letter in Hebrew also represents a number. Hebrew, unlike many other languages, never developed separate numerical symbols. The ancient Hebrews also believed that God’s “language” could be perceived in mathematics. When contemplating the perfection of mathematics, formulae, its infiniteness (microcosm/macrocosm) and man’s need for mathematics to create our physical existence, it is easy to see a “metaphysical” aspect to numbers as well. This is the basis for the pursuit and penetration into the mysticism of numbers and mathematics in Kabbala.

The Hebrew word for “life” is “chai.” The word chai is composed of two letters (two numbers) which add up to the number “18.” So in “life” we find a factor of “9.” Now “9” is also a “magical” number. Perhaps you’ve noticed that for each factor of 9: 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72, 81, 90… when the numbers are added together equal 9 (18…1 + 8 = 9, etc.). This continues: 108, 117, 126, 135, 144, etc.

As Agam considers his works of art to be “visual prayers” or creations which each reflect upon the metaphysical, he chooses to incorporate factors of 9 into each work to “resonate” this purpose. Therefore, in an Agam “prismograph” for example, there are 9 prisms used. The edition size (180) is a factor of 9. The number of colors used in the print is divisible by 9 (I don’t know how many there are, but trust me). If you measure the distance between the prisms, the length, width and depth of the prisms, the sizes of each rectangular space used, the distance from the edge of the frame (white acrylic) to the image, the thickness of the frame, etc. these dimensions will all be divisible by 9 in centimeters. Agam incorporates his Kabbalistic beliefs directly into the physicality (form) of the art he creates.

This is only a single aspect of the layers of meaning in Agams’s work. In particular, I find the things he says about his own work most illuminating. Remember, he created his concept, his “credo,” more than 60 years ago and it has never changed. It has continued to sustain his limitless creativity and to be a template for the creation of his art which has filled the world. There is not (nor has there ever been) anyone like him as an artist in the world history. This is one of many reasons why I personally believe he can arguably be considered the most important artist alive in our time. We are indeed honored to have his art and his enduring relationship to Park West Gallery with us each day.


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