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Pop Artist Peter Max Honors Sir Paul McCartney’s 70th Birthday

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Peter Max, Paul McCartney, Park West GalleryPhoto Credit: NY Daily News

Fans of The Beatles rejoiced on Monday, as legendary musician Sir Paul McCartney celebrated his 70th birthday. Pop artist Peter Max, known for his paintings of the psychedelic 1960s era, paid tribute to his “good friend” with a special portrait.

“When I heard last week that [Paul’s 70th birthday] was coming up, I decided to whip something up for him,” artist Peter Max told the Daily News at his New York City studio, where he unveiled the portraits of McCartney.

“The peace and love of the ‘60s is still around in this country,” Max said. “You just have to look a little harder to find it now.”

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New ALIWOOD Exhibit to Open at Muhammad Ali Center

Muhammad Ali & The Beatles #1, Park West Gallery“Muhammad Ali & The Beatles #1” | Park West Gallery Collection

Photo exhibition of celebrity greats alongside “The Greatest”

LOUISVILLE, KY (The Courier-Journal) — Muhammad Ali‘s celebrity status is recognized and celebrated across the globe. It has even been said that Ali is the most photographed individual in the world.

Beginning on May 4th, visitors to the Ali Center will have the opportunity to view select photos of The Champ captured alongside other celebrities, in a new exhibit called ALIWOOD.

In addition to the signed photos donated by Park West Gallery, this exhibit will also feature multimedia and celebrity quotes about Muhammad Ali.

The large-scale photographs were taken between the years 1963 and 1999, and include such celebrities as: The Beatles, Hank Aaron, Sammy Davis, Jr., President Ford, Jackie Onassis, President and Mrs. Clinton, and others.

ALIWOOD will be on display between May 4th and September 5th. Cost of the exhibit will be included in the regular Ali Center admission price.

For more information, call (502) 584-9254 or visit www.alicenter.org.

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All You Need is Love, and Csaba Markus

“Creativity begins with an affinity for something.
It’s like falling in love. There is an emotional connection.
I want to bring passion and beauty into peoples’ homes
as my work speaks of love, purity and strength of spirit.

When I began painting, I was thinking about music.
I asked myself, what was the most influential and important music
of the century? Of course, there can always be arguments about this,
but my choice was the Beatles. They were always authoritative,
exciting, and innovative and every song was a love song.

I thought, why can’t I emulate this through my art?
I started to paint love songs on canvas, and immediately I began
to have the same enthusiastic reception that the Beatles had.

—CSABA MARKUS (January 26, 1953 – )

"Europea" by Csaba Markus, Park West Gallery“Europea” by Csaba Markus | Park West Gallery Fine Art Collection

There are many other painters in the world, but many Park West Gallery collectors will tell you that there is only one whose paintings can create such contrasts within such harmony, one who can express the Eternal Feminine in her many guises, both as mortal woman and as mythological goddess. There is one who does not paint merely to please the eye, but to shake the soul of the viewer.

There is only one, and his name is Csaba Markus.

*     *     *     *     *

Exclusive artwork by Csaba Markus is available for purchase through Park West Gallery and its cruise art auctions at sea. Visit the Park West Gallery Fine Art Collection

Read the article, “Csaba Markus, Aesthetic Olympian,” written by Park West Gallery Director Morris Shapiro.